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Night Owls 5: Bird Flu (Drops 10/5/10)

Now most of the time I am here promoting other artists but from here on out I will focus more on promoting myself and establishing the brand a little more. I contacted Steven Trudeau (shout out to Syntax Records) about the Night Owls project and after months of sending him tracks one finally worked. The name of the track is called Relying on God and it features some great cuts by Dj Promote. This awesome project will be released to the masses on Tuesday the 5th and you can pre-order it now if you want. Syntax Records, generously sent me 60 copies of the project so if you want a copy hit me up. On another note, take a listen to Citizen Aim's music and memorialize his life (Christopher Walk departed this earth on 8/21/10).

Track listing: ORDER HERE

1. Bird Flu
2. Rhema Soul - "Back When"
3. Citizen Aim - "As Just Cause Cries"
4. La Guardia - "The Dream"
5. Kaboose - "Get Right"
6. Motion Plus - "Family Tree"
7. CookBook - "Insomniac"
8. Jupiter 7 - "Basics"
9. Michael Mannaseh - "Earthquake Music"
10. MaxOne - "Least Resistance"
11. Phynite - "A Beautiful Thing"
12. Braille, Kaboose, RedCloud - "Fite Nite"
13. Sundance, Nomis, Jeremiah Bonds - "At It Again"
14. Man of War - "Words"
15. Praverb the Wyse - "Relying On God"
16. Braille - "Static For Dinner"
17. BillyBo - "This Road"
18. Freddie Bruno, RedCloud, Jeremiah Bonds - "My Position"


  1. Well dang...I had no idea you were on the new Night Owl's joint. That;s a good look, bro.


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