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Subterraneous Records - Rivers Run Wild (w/ Lyrics)

Here is a track from Subterraneous Records called Rivers Run Wild and it is off the Waterworld Too album. Check the lyrics from One Be Lo, Kodac, ILLite, and Magestik Legend. If you like this check out the Waterworld Too album and continue to check out the blog.

Yo, we moving faster than the dukes of hazard
Play you like chutes and ladders
Don't have to shoot a bastard, I'm a super rapper
My single bound of leap is twelve inches
Epitar edifice
My evidence equivalent to Everest
Nevertheless I attack ya chest
Like a cardiac arrest
Snatch a sack of ses
Let's see who rap the best
You couldn't pass a test
You artificially intelligent
I read fake rappers like New Testaments
And King James versions
Rhymes operate like brain surgeons
Never been fucked with, remain virgin
It's a miracle, every time I work the mic
I deliver verses like, Mary giving birth to Christ
Serpents in paradise entice emcees
To bite my steez like apple trees
But actually that'd be a catastrophe
When the mic is passed to me
You'd rather feel the wrath of G-O-D
You know the score you was told before
Hold the mic like I hold a sword
Life is like the Trojan War
And I'm the one man army jumping out of horses
'Till the end of time, literary military forces

Persistent paddling could be damaging to the average man
Resistance vanishing with no Anacin
Pulsating performance releasing any season
My reason for being like a leaky faucet known to
trickle slow
Two triple O
Mastering magical moments when I get with Lo
Destined to blow
See before I chose this path
Floated down rivers running fast avoiding riff raff
Ran into Heathcliff he told me "Get cash"
I laughed 'cause he was drowning
Sounding like he had a cold and stuff
Told him he can't control the stuff
They know to bust
This ain't no unsolved mystery, involves history
Dissolves chemically, revolves eventually
Witness seen it can't acquire fitness being bulimic
Extreme with skills to back the team with
My gems encompass
Purposely protected potently infected
Taken out of natural form, that's what I'm left with
Possess the seven habits of highly effective people
Bless the addicts with caffeine equal match my steeple
Cunning how a stunning child, lyrically endowed
Could somehow stay on course running wild

Ayo you out of your league, rocking with me
And obviously I leave spots damaged my advantages
Leave niggas in bandages
Wrapped with very little breathing room
My thinking tool is equal to none
See what you done?
You got me expanding my fist to slap you straight
Cause niggas be switching sides like tassels after you graduate
I'll knock your style off it's pedestal now
You hanging from my testicles now
And your fellas ain't nowhere to be found
Illite brings the raw with him
I had a fist full of marbles and lost 'em
I walk up in your fortress with a cordless and it gets way deeper
I'm trying to ignite mics in bright lights
And move crowds like motivational speakers
I take rhythms and turn 'em into wavelengths
Kidnap a couple of aliens to hot-wire their spaceships
So much inside, it's hard not to get my tongue tied up
That's why every time I finish a verse off a star lights up


[Senim Silla:] (Ran with dogs that's rabid, rivers is rapid)

[Magestik Legend]
Try to keep it still it might hurt to listen
I grip this mic tight enough to make my elbows bust
through my shirt stitching
Y'all piss me off like I'm sick of working
You got me ready to wait near your car with a knife in
the night lurking
Like "give me that!"
Got me hanging up the phone like "man hit me back"
When I'm trying to write to spit these raps
Cause you don't understand what it take to write shit
to survive with
I write bullets to take lives with
Hop out the burning bush spitting live shit "Man!"
I'm trying to make some points that y'all can ride with
With ridiculous Speed like Nicholas be
Keep riding till your rims is ripping the street if you're feeling me
Cause easily I can be on some ol' Razor Ramón type tone
With styles free like Elzhee
So if you ain't hearing me bring it to me first
So wiping creatures off of the earth like G-O-D, Father part three
Perfect the way you deliver
You launching missiles them joints is skipping on the rivers
Running wild be like, when the crowd be hype
And we ain't got to deal with no lousy mics!


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