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Max Haben - Freshman (w/ Lyrics)

Max Haben is a Minnesota based emcee who has a lot of conviction and passion in his music. I decided to download his Senioritis project and I was amazed at Max's progression. I linked up with Max back in 2007 thanks to Teddy Roxpin and Mike Dreams and we recorded a song called The Mind is Infinite for his project called The Mind is Infinite. I listened to the mixtape and the introduction really garnered my interest. I present
to you the lyrics to Max Haben's Freshman.

Max Haben - Freshman

I'm not trying to change the game I'm just trying to play
spent the last two years trying to find a day
when I could find the peace to speak what I'm trying to say
and even if I don't release I will find a way//
it's been a long time coming now I'm ready
I've come a long way since the days of Tom Petty
when I used to steal my mom's cds in the basement
something in the way it made me feel I can taste it//
God gave me grace just wait and be patient
now I got the green light, it's off to the races
Fishburne fish me out lost in the Matrix
everything is straight now, off with the braces//
changing my face in a Facebook nation
every bodies tweeting from all sorts of places
but I follow my faith and my God sense
never getting caught up in political nonsense//
never put my hope in these Washington profits
more like Denzel Washington walking
proof in every line, I'm hoping that you see why
the only word that I rely, is on the Book of Eli//
and even if I go blind, I never cease writing
never bring the troops home, always keep fighting
and although the storm clouds can be frightening
I float like Jaroth to get a bolt of this grease lightning//
the last rhyme bender still developing
the hip-hop Avatar long been irrelevant
no it's not me, see I'm just the one telling it
I'm happy just to get my cd in Fifth Element//
Cheapo, Best Buy anywhere they're selling it
beginning of the journey welcome to the fellowship

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