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Natural Elements - Life Ain't Fair (w/ Lyrics)

yo, my thoughts circulate the earth three sixty degrees
the world is money hungry, people trying to stick me for cheese
niggas don't hesitate, they squeeze triggers with ease
and make me meditate, how they do these sinister deeds
criminals need a gun, slither and swine
killing my people for fun, sh*t we living in the wickedest times
I feel the heat from the sun, grit my teeth till I bleed through my gums
and taste the blood drops I hate corrupt cops
blow clips and bust shots and the ghetto and what not
so quit acting like you don't know sh*t this is my stop
shorty rocks end up, cuffed up or bucked up
son this world is f*cked up, tough luck, your luck's up
plus stuck, thinking the worst (I don't care)
if there's a heaven on this earth I know (I'm not there)
(life ain't fair) but I ain't stressing it
cause we can all live in peace or somebody else is done arresting it

life ain't fair we only here for a minute
so I want the world and everything in it
you seen it before most likely I did it
fat lyrics and skills, Natural E's coming with it

I don't know, I don't care
all I know is life ain't fair
I don't know, I don't care
all I know is life ain't fair

This life is like a double headed corn, flickers want to save it
I puff an L and stub it later get lifted off the same clip
It's mad stress living up in New York City
that's why when I walk to Northeast my crew stalk with me
cause a few set of eyes is better than one
either you getting some or settle for none
so watch me shine like jewels in the sun
and you the type to bust a 38 special and run
I be excelling for fun
I be strictly struggling, straight up I just be hustling
so I just bust em in the face cause of my grill when I drug him in
cause life ain't fair to the upmost
f*ck hopes, I just pray niggas miss when they bust toast
keep the threats close to escape reality for a while
by any means has been my mentality for a while

[Chorus] followed by [Bridge]

[Mr. Voodoo]
September 24, 12 am my rib gave birth
to a seven pound six ounce seed of the earth
thinking how hard it was for him to be born
even with no physical form
I kick the nature predated hip-hop ........
criminal mind inebriated till I'm abbreviated
When I was young when I couldn't use guns I choose the fists
to expose the b*tch in you like Kane and Payne my foes would twist
I used to hold the clip below the click bust nines
and felt my first behind on the seventh grade lunch line
just wanted to be, just like the big wheels that slang krill
the drug trade made days ill that nigga scrape with stain grills
but now I got mouths to feed
so now I'm thinking at five I put on the weed to buy formula for my seed
add a quarter of a century, I hear myself mentally
and take the world and everything in it eventually

[Chorus] 2x times followed by [Bridge] 3x times


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