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FREE DOWNLOAD: Whiteman The Blacksoul - 21 Chas 21 Minuta

The great thing about hip hop is that it is an universal art form that can unite cultures. When I was approached by Whiteman the Blacksoul, a rap artist from Kazakhstan, to rhyme on his album I did not know what to think. I did not understand his music due to the language barrier but I quickly understood this man's vision. We communicated via myspace (hehehe) and through the Internet and a track was created based on the constant communication. The track is actually apart of Whiteman's new album called 21 Chas (21 Hours) 21 Minuta (21 Minutes). I would love for you all to be open minded and check out something different. You may not understand the language but trust me you will enjoy the production from this album. To download this album from this Kazakhstan powerhouse go HERE or HERE and HERE.


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