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Eazy: The Raptism [Album Sampler]

<a href="http://eazy.bandcamp.com/album/the-raptism-sampler">Take Me To The Water by Eazy</a>

Today I am presenting an album sampler from Georgia representative Eazy. I mixed the project (first official mixing job for someone else wooooooooo) and I believe that I know every song by heart. This project will be great because it has nice production, heartfelt lyricism and actual singing (Death to Autotune). The album offers something for every crowd as evidenced by Eazy's ability to rap, sing and present powerful spoken word material. The album will be dropping soon so please check out the sampler and comment if you like what you hear.


  1. Man I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you've done on this! God bless...and we've definitely gotta collaborate sometime soon!


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