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Kam Moye - Forever Fresh (Video w/ Lyrics)

Here is a video from Kam Moye's latest album called Splitting Image. The track is called Forever Fresh and it features a nice beat from Marco Polo. I decided to post this track because Kam expressed frustration with the state of hip hop and the lack of general support. He mentioned that he has a few collaborative projects with some beat makers though (Dela, Madwreck, and a few others). Kam Moye/Supastition is one of my favorite artists because of his honesty, content and lyricism. Take a listen to this track and let me know what you think.

[Kam Moye]
Yeah, Kam Moye, Reform School
No matter how much you change, some things just never leave you right?
And rapping my ass off just seems to be a habit I can't kick, haha
Let me resort back to my old ways for a minute
Marco, let's rock man

It's the street champion, I sleep, shit and breathe anthems
Share the same home state as Anthony Hamilton
I take southern rap and revamp it dog
Rap ain't been this strong since lawsuit-free sampling
Naysayers, they ain't proud of me, so what?
My buzz grows louder, why doubt it? It's no luck
But if you're feeling that strong about it, put dough up
I'm what happens when a child prodigy grows up
Revolutionary renegade, never been afraid
Grind till I see the minimum wage of Dennis Quaid
Or checks multiply, or debt disintegrate
On any date I murder and wreck center stage
I keep the crowd in unison when they swing hands
The new royalty, your boy should be King Kam
Get pounds from rap, seen fans in England
Been fly but I'm now increasing my wingspan
in rap, you lose when you try to revolve in it
You drop jewels, fools tryna find flaws in it
I write a hard sentence and master lines
They said I'm past my prime like Marbury's offense is
Hah, that's nothing more than potheads talking
My arm's too strong to box with mere mortals
So stop it, your logic is not that important
You measure your success by a box of Air Jordans dog

The rep stays the same, so why would you second guess?
A new name, but I remain forever fresh
Since some of y'all stuck in my old days
I revert back to my old ways, I'm forever fresh
I still rock crowds on the regular, forever fresh
That ain't changed, just the same as it ever was, forever fresh
I still put it down on the regular, forever fresh
Ain't nothing changed, just the same as it ever was

[Kam Moye]
I'm bout to climb up from minor paper, my mind is made up
Why sign with majors, their business dirty as Ronald Reagan's
Politics and loose change is what I'll probably get
I can swallow my pride but I don't feel fine behind an apron
I'm saving, every quarter I make
to feed the fam and support 'em, I'll do all that it takes
Then maybe we can get the fuck up out of Waterford Lakes
Maybe a two-story place where my daughter is safe, hey
Somewhere eastern time, I can find peace of mind
Listen to tracks from Marco and let my feet recline
Future redesigned, not feeling like they tryna stop my shine
like sun rays through venetian blinds
Weak minds can't fathom what I javel at 'em
The underground ain't happy unless I'm battle rapping
But when I speak, rap addicts scream "Tabernacle"
The game's crossed like a broad with an Adam's apple
See my martyrs better bounce cause your day's up
I drive a hard bargain so promoters better pay up
If not then stay up, DJs consider what I write audibles
I make 'em switch what they play up
Say what? Producers be chasing herbs to do an album
Waiting on me, tryna curb the enthusiasm
Hate or love, I appreciate both
Sorry there's no instant replay mode, rewind it back nigga

For real
Kam Moye, forever fresh

"Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, you have been more than wonderful
As an audience, all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you"


  1. love this track, one of my favorite albums from last year.


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