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Elzhi - Red, Black and Green (Lyrics)

Another amazing song from Elzhi's latest mixtape entitled The Leftovers Unmixed Tape. This is a short song that features production from Black Milk. Lately I have been inspired by verses from the phenomenal Elzhi as well as verses from Royce Da 5'9", One Be Lo, Nametag, Marv Won, Illite, Danny Brown, Ro Spit, etc. Basically I am big fan of Detroit's hip hop scene and they continue to deliver sources of lyricism.

Yo, the red is for the blood shed
the black is for the color who bled
over the green by any means that's the bread
my race kill for the blood money on a paper chase
they shape to trace a fellow then they yellow tape the place
of the crime scene, and shorty flipping the dime in a lime green
live a broad time if he's not keeping his palms clean
could be the stick up kid, to leave em brainless
with the stainless, steel, kill and make em famous
I've seen it all price claims
shoot outs and dice games
snitches getting thrown in ditches giving precise names
throwing monkey wrenches, glitches on they riches which is
reason why they hustle with the devil and scuffle with stitches
them hoodrat b****es be out for the quick grand
a chick can and will set you up like a kick stand
leave you stuck, I call it the stick man
it's more slang, to cause gang wars and make the four four bang
the red the black the green, with the key
of coke go together like light it and smoke


  1. I like it, listened to it twice with the lyrics. Very different from DC hip hop I will say, and New York as well. I've been all over.

    I look forward to reading more from you.

    A.L. Harris PR


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