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A.L. - Lyrics (w/ Lyrics)

This is hands down one of my favorite hip hop songs ever based on the fluid flow of A.L. I first heard this song on the Lyricist Lounge album that was released in 1998 and it stood out. I always wanted to know what happened to this lethal lyricist and I am glad to share that he is apart of the New York based collective House of Repz (they have an album dropping in 2010). I always wanted to decipher the lyrics but I never had the time until today haha.

Yo 96'
Microphone yo
Corazon yo
No Doubt
Yo AL, check it

Raw creation, my nation is trapped packed with animals
Hannibal cannibals lurking the streets which are flammable
harass less, hustlers aiming for the intangible me
I'm too deep, checking if beats are compatible
brain let off shots, body counts become plural
hand me a mic, I'll paint a picture on your mural
visions of streets, soo much blood, we need peroxide
never on the cops side, since my man's pop's died
nothings correct and life is lop side and cock eye
I ain't Popeye so I front hard to make my glock hide
thoughts react to the impossible, kill the profitable
constant-able obstacles, haunt me like my future in a hospital
until them days, my ways will be unstoppable
undroppable, un-dodge ball, many focus, the logical
to know it is to show it, the poet grab the Moet
I blow it before I flow it, topics I sow it, pockets I dough it
legitimate cash is the only thing I creed
so the knowledge I feed until I raise my seed
to much greed exceeds leads the next man to bleed
little kids don't read, they out of touch with weed
so I proceed, to make you hear it just to lead you
with spirits of lyrics, cause I need you

Lyrics, I need you, I breed you, I need you
Lyrics, I need you, I breed you
Lyrics, I need you, I breed you
Lyrics, I need you, I need you

I civilize the unwise when I rise to my potential
the instrumental enables me to move my pencil
coincidental to Einstein's radical mental
kicking ish like Oriental's far from gentle I'm essential
when I speak it, yo I leak it, I freak it until you keep it
gun clappers I creep it, sneak it, rappers love to critique it
AL the honoris, like a foreigner with a jounara?
I counter for visualizing more bodies that a coroner
my streets are evil, minds are feeble, running legal
living savage like eagle, chanting my people to a needle
my mind's cerebral, blesses the mic like a cathedral
thoughts will lead you, verbals will feed you
deceive you, I breed you, heed you
like psychics I came to read you, hip hop I love you and need you
rhythmatic automatic fanatic bringing the static
rappers stay panicked, stay frantic, while I stay relax on hammocks
All is gigantic, volcanic, all the fun like the Titanic
I came to slam it, to hold it down like the granite
lyric mechanic, organic from the Eastern Atlantic
aerodynamic, bending rappers like they ceramic
throughout the planet I scam it then ban it, that's how I ran it
a genuflection goes out to those in corrections
for recollection, I use the Common Sense Resurrection
so use protection when you step in my direction
lyric injection can cause infection in your section
there's no reflection in this professional selection
give mic inspections so I can hold it with affection
beat perfection, corrals the mental in erection
so vote perfection, House of Repz, run elections

Lyrics, I need you, I breed you, I need you
Lyrics, I need you, I breed you
Lyrics, I need you, I breed you
Lyrics, I need you, I need you


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