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feeling like Royce, after the prison stint
I found my voice, now I'm replenishing
with rap ammo, my tactics are passive
I practice tactics that could trap Rambo

January has been a great month so far and I am finally recording again. I have noticed that the year off from recording (solo material) has led to difficulty delivering verses. I remember when I would record a verse in one take but nowadays I struggle. I believe that it could be attributed to being anxious and wanting to put material out to let the populous know that I am back. I love blogging and listening to music during the past year but I also enjoyed reading. I wanted to expand the knowledge capacity and read about topics that I would usually bypass. With that being said I just wanted to express that I am glad to be writing again and expressing some emotions.


  1. Nice! Back in the studio. When can we expect something to drop? Mixtape? Album?

  2. I am working on a few mixtapes...trying to redefine who Praverb is...I will keep you informed...


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