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Rest in Peace Brandon "Point Game" Burris

Brandon Burris aka Point Game departed from this earth last week and I just wanted to express condolences to his family and those who were close to him. Brandon was a person that I connected with based on the sincerity presented in his music. Most song writers give you a glimpse of their personal torment to a point where you feel like you have known this person your whole life based on the emotional response that a song or an album evokes. I was inspired by his work and he expressed that he was inspired by my work. Brandon and I both lost our biological mothers, so a connection was formed based on trauma and death. Brandon was also a person who had a big heart and knowledge about religion; he was not ashamed of presenting his flaws (so-called flaws) to the world. I just wish that I had the opportunity to interact with this man more. I am not saying that my influence could had prevented the death of this immensely talented brother but I do believe that we could have assisted one another in dealing with depression. So please download and support (he has an album on iTunes called HipHopCrisy, as well as a feature on Spoonfull's new project) this brother who departed this earth too soon.

Listen to these releases and get to know Brandon Burris:

Point Game - No Privacy EP

Point Game - The Game Gets Deeper


  1. sad to hear this man, hope hes in a better place now. just bumpin his music. lyrics go deep. and the beats sound dope too. gotta get a bit more into it. the ones that dont get depressed in this nowadays world are the real sick ones. but that doesnt change anything. rest in paradise to your man. and much power to you praverb. i love your sound too, btw. first heard your stuff in 2007. keep on, stay strong. one love from germany. peace.

  2. I am really sorry about what happened with Brandon, it seems it was a great artist, what kind of music did he sing???


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