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FREE DOWNLOAD: Sourface - The Anxiety LP

I am a frequent member of Last fm. and recently I came across a LP in my inbox. Now usually I delete it as spam but I decided to listen to this LP from Sourface and I am glad that I did. Some of Sourface's influences include 9th Wonder, Dj Premier, Pete Rock, J. Dilla, Khrysis, Black Milk, and more. This UK import has some dope beats and remixes for the public.

Sourface - The Anxiety LP


  1. Sourface is the alias for the up-and-coming producer Adam Bramwell who hails from Manchester, England. A previous member of the Late Night Fruit duo, Adam chose to blaze his own path and release a dynamic solo LP entitled, The Anxiety LP. His music draws heavy influences from producers. His latest LP features a fresh take on hip-hop beats with gorgeously utilized soul samples and creative remixes.


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