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Flow Fridays: The Kanye Live Version

Flow Fridays, this week, will focus solely on releases by Kanye Live members. Kanye Live is an interactive community where people can post material and receive feedback (amongst other things). So sit back and enjoy the dopeness.

The Admiral and Teddy Roxpin formed the dynamic duo known as Cold Legistics and they are talented beat makers. This CL offering highlights the skill of The Admiral (although I believe that Cold Legistics applies to one person now either way SEND ME BEATS). Recently he released a dope beat tape that you can download HERE.

M-Trey is definitely slept on and his project Life Support drops tomorrow. The homie M-Trey serves up an appetizer for listeners with Also Appalled. M-Trey is an emcee that I respect based on his creativity, technical ability, and versatility. I hope that I will get a chance to record a full-length project with him in the future.

5th Element is another talented beat maker that I wish would send me beats haha. He recently released a project called Elements of Life and it is an instrumental album. You can download this project HERE.

CJ The Genesis is a very talented artist who dabbles with emceeing and beat making. His latest project Hiatus is a worthy listen, so please download it HERE.

This release features the maturation process of Frak. When I first heard Frak I noticed that lyrically he was advanced but his style was all over the place. Fast forwarding to the present, the audience witnesses the transformation of an artist who definitely put time into his craft. Shadows is Frak's latest project and you can download the project HERE.

Kid Duke is beat maker that I came across when I was putting this blog together. Recently he released a dope beat tape that you can download HERE. Kid Duke is also one fourth of Digital Vinyl (a dope group) who recently relased a mixtape called Dilemma that you can download HERE.


  1. Doooope, thanks for the love P! All this stuff is great!

  2. Shoutout to Praverb!
    Dont sleep on klive!

  3. I like Kanye, but I never liked him live. He always exerts more than too much energy. I think Common is the kind of MC who can hold a crowd without trying too hard. There really isn't anyone doing hip hop shows these days who can hold a candle to Sage Francis. Seriously. When that man's on stage, you are physically incapable of paying attention to anything else.


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