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Cool Edit Appreciation Day

Today is a monumental day because I will shed light on one of the best recording programs ever. I was first exposed to Cool Edit back in 2002 after I came back from my first stint in college. Cool Edit became the go to program for me because it is user friendly, easy to work with, and it works. I have tried to use Cubase, Cakewalk, and even Pro Tools and those programs are great to use but Cool Edit is the easiest to work with. I also find it simple to collab with people who use Cool Edit because all you have to do is compress the file and send it in an email. I would love to read your experiences with Cool Edit and other audio programs. What separates this programs from the rest?

Question for my Cool Edit users:
Is Peter Quistgard real haha?


  1. Hey bro, I guess I will be the first to drop a line. Yeah I feel you cool edit is the go to program to use, especially the filter's. Soundbooth is also a cool program to edit just ya vocals, nice tools.


    Spaztik D


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