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Pat D & Lady Paradox - Soulscapes & Jazz Breaks Full Preview

Soulscapes & Jazz Breaks is a collaborate album pitting the lovely rap stylistics of Lady Paradox with the jazzy backdrops of Pat D. This album is the follow up to the 2007 release Kind of Peace. The album, set to drop early December, will feature Benjamin Zephaniah, Melodiq, Selone, Efeks, Eva Lazarus, and myself. The album will also boast instrumentation elements from several guest musicians which will include the trumpet, sax, guitar, keys, viola, and the flute. The album will be available on A Bridge Too Far Recordings. Pat D is one of the beatmakers that I hope to work with in the future and Lady Paradox conforms the fact that female emcees have substance. An interview with the productive duo will be in the horizon (shout out to The Find Magazine).


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