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FREE DOWNLOAD: Mykestro - Adversity and Ambiance

West Coast hip-hop provided a foundation that inspires me daily. When I lived in San Diego I was introduced to The Luniz, Mac Dre, Tupac, WC, Mack 10, Ice Cube, MC Eiht, Snoop, and more. I never really dabbled with the underground market because at that time I was not into indie music. Over the years I have gravitated towards the underground market and the artists that inhabit California, most notably Mykestro. I am a big Crooked I, Sly Boogy, Bishop Lamont, Pac Div, etc fan but Mykestro appeals to me the most due to his seasoned flow and his proficiency with the English language. I have Mykestro's previous releases and I thought It would be wise to share this release with you all (spread the link!).

Mykestro - Adversity and Ambiance


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