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Untitled Poetry 7.20.09

I am sitting here at the computer
unable to compute an idea
the light bulb is dim
so the thoughts are confined within

I apologize to those who follow me
I apologize for being a gnome to giants
I wish to buy property, without playing Monopoly
I wish to live lavish, but I have to be established

I sit at this computer, pondering life
I sit at this computer, pondering why I write
I sit at this computer, pondering the afterlife
can I obtain this paradise after life?

sometimes I think that it's fabricated depression
depressed because I have problems expressing
the reason I can't write, or the reason why I'm destined
the reason I feel alone, or the reason I seek affection

maybe success is based on CD sales or net hits
people want to try it for free before the trial period ends
I feel like the CD is distributed by Netflix

This is the day that I conquer this myth
writer's block is not an obstacle that can hamper this gift
the flow used to be fluid, now it seems useless
stalled like an inoperable Porta-potty or a dried up body of water with no movement


  1. Eek! Get the TheraFlu. You've still got it, fam. BusBoys & Poets needs joints like this!



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