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Factual Friday

+ Supposedly the Chicago Blackhawks signed Marcel Hossa to a 12 year deal. A 12 year deal!!! talk about planning for the future haha.

+ The Pistons reportedly signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villenueva which proves that they will score a ton of points and play no defense.

+ Lmbo at Landon Donovan putting David Beckham on blast. The USA soccer star questioned the international stars heart, called him a cheapskate, and expressed that Beckham was not a leader. Dear Donovan, What did you expect haha, David Beckham was brought to your team to boost the popularity of MLS. Did it work? No but at least the MLS has a handful of stars haha.

+ Reports indicate that the Cavaliers are interested in Trevor Ariza and Ron Artest. WOW!!! thinking about how effective the defense will be with either player is scary.

+ Wondering when Joe Mauer will cool off...


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