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Has technology caused rappers to be lazy...

Remember back in the days when Big L or Canibus would spew endless rhymes on the radio station that made them seem like drones or programmed robots? Well nowadays it seems as if rappers are not prepared to showcase their talents when they are given the chance to shine. Rappers nowadays seem to turn to technology (most notably cell phones) to assist them in delivering a verse. That is like an actor relying on a teleprompter during an entire movie (which would tarnish the effectiveness of the script). In my opinion that is the definition of laziness, I would rather an emcee spit an old verse than fumble through a new verse utilizing a cell phone. I understand the notion or the idea of delivering a new verse to the masses but it seems as if memorization has become a lost art. Which leads to the centralized theme of this post, has technology caused rappers to become lazy?


  1. In my opinion technology causes everyone to be lazy. i.e spell check. Due to spell check I can't spell worth crap on my own. Now google even has a feature where it starts completing words for you based on most popular searches. Before you know it we won't even need to talk anymore. We'll go back to the days of grunting and automatically know what everyone is saying.

  2. me & 810 & my homie were talking about this last nite..niggas was cypherin for like a good half an hour straight i know personally i feel like the last of a dying breed...we gotta remind the world real shit still alive man

  3. As an Audio engineer, I'm certainly feeling the effects of technology, especially when Im recording. Rappers not only want to read off there phones or paper, they want 50 takes to get a 16 bar verse down. Back in the day when cats were using real tape you couldnt afford to to 50 takes because you would waste a shit load of tape and money. Now days cats just say O ill do it again, Can you punch me in, and well i feel that special majic of music, is being lost. That thing that makes great performers and artist stand out.

  4. haha seems as if everyone wants to go the easy way out...hmmmmmmmmm

  5. i got to agree with J Mateo you know?....it is getting to that point...but i think ots more of the younger artist that dont know the dif between the new or the old...

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