03 May 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD: Bulldog Presents: The Beginning

Bulldog dropped an album called The Beginning which has been in the making since early November. The album features five instrumentals and five tracks that were rapped on by mc's over the country.


01. The Beginning (Instrumental)
02. The Life (feat. Jazz June)
03. Lets Go (Instrumental)
04. Lost (feat. Mani Headphones)
05. Friends (Instrumental)
06. Devil and the Bus (feat. Frak, Cali X)
07. Gotta Be A Dream (feat. CJ)[Co-Production by CJ]
08. Chose Your Own Ground [Co-Production by Frak]
09. Happy Days, Sad Nights
10. Step Out (feat. Abstract Kid)

Bulldog Presents: The Beginning