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The real reason why I have been on hiatus...

Elzhi is the reason why I have been on hiatus. Every once in awhile a person will come along and redefine his profession. Elvis redefined Rock & Roll, Michael Jackson redefined Pop, and Notorious B.I.G. redefined Rap. Elzhi is an emcee who has redefined the technical aspects of structuring a dope verse. Elzhi is currently working on a tribute project honoring Nas called EllMatic. Get Familiar with Elzhi and check out his past material (Out of Focus, Witness My Growth, Europass, The Preface plus his material with Slum Village).


  1. i knew there had to be a good reason.

    in any other age, elzhi prolly would be hailed amongst the poets that make up any era of history. i get chills reading straight of his lyrics.


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