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Change from within...

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Gandhi serves as one of the most influential political and spiritual leaders of our time. He is a person who was an advocate for nonviolence, he also was a strict vegetarian, and his legacy was passed down through quotes and his actions. The man was a dispensable quote machine and the quote that is in bold print highlights Gandhi's wisdom. In order for a man or woman to change, he or she must first CHANGE the inner self before they can inflict change on the world. Changing thyself includes changing the company you keep, your thoughts, emotions, and more. I believe that a lot of people believe that they can just change their outer world and their inner self will adapt. Unfortunately this mind set will only lead to the same inner self just a redefined sense of the outer world. In other words, the person will still have the same thoughts, emotions, ideas, etc. I would parallel this phenomenon with trying to reform a rapist or child molester back into society. Although their view on society may change, the person could still have the intent to rape or molest again. This concept of changing yourself before your change the world could help a lot of people and it begins in the mind!!!



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