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Blame it on the Alcohol...

Jamie Foxx, comedic genius and avid singer, hurled hurtful words towards teenage sensation Miley Ray Cyrus last week. In a joking manner Jamie stated that Miley should do a sex tape. Miley's father, Billy Ray Cyrus, stated that the words were hurtful and Jamie would not like if he (Billy Ray) said the same thing about his daughter. I am pondering what Jamie was trying to convey, was Jamie throwing a verbal jab at Billy Ray (maybe suggesting that Billy Ray should let his daughter enjoy life)? Did Jamie name drop Miley Ray Cyrus as a form of promotion for his new movie (haha)? Or was Jamie out of line for telling a joke?

Sometimes it is best to harness thy tongue and be quiet haha!!! If I were Jamie I would have blamed it on the alcohol!!!


  1. Yeah, I heard the full conversation on satellite radio. The comment branched off of a convo of the contrast of old and new music, and how younger cats don't respect the older artists. Then a caller brought up the Miley Cyrus disrespect of Radiohead and Jaime just kept going with it.



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