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Motivational Mondays: 72 Year-Old Body Builder...

From this month forward I will highlight some inspirational videos from Youtube. When I first started this blog I focused primarily on music content, as time progressed I have started to incorporate other areas of interest. Bodybuilding or physical fitness is an area that I love to read about. Jim Morris, a former Mr. America, is a 72 year-old man who is still physically active and sound about his health. The video should serve as motivation for those who think that they are either too old to work out or those who suggest that their time is limited. We have the choice to put our bodies in motion or the choice to be sluggish or lazy. I would love to thank Ross for posting inspirational videos and content on his site as well.



  1. that buff dude is awesome. i totally agree with how we have more control of our health than we think. so the dude's vegan? that's awesome!


    that news anchor dude sux.

  2. *hits the floor and does 50 push ups*..and dies


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