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College Basketball or NBA Basketball?

March Madness or the Playoffs? I am an avid fan of both college basketball and the NBA. It is very difficult to state which one I would rather watch. In terms of sheer excitement I would have to lean towards college. In college the players play for the schools or institutions on the front of there jerseys as opposed to the names on the back. I also love the whole atmosphere and the surreal experience. I believe that home court advantage definitely applies in college basketball a little more than the pros. Now home court advantage may be beneficial for the top teams in the NBA (Western and Eastern conference) come playoff time. I also believe that the is more parity in college as opposed to the pros (meaning we have an idea of who will dominate the NBA). With that being said we also have an idea of who will dominate college or the Top 25 but every night is valuable. A team with nothing to lose can pull off an upset over a highly ranked university. The question I pose is this, what do you prefer to watch, College Basketball or the League?


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