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WYDU's Top Tracks of 2008 (1-25)

One of my tracks made a list for the top 25 tracks of 08. This is a big honor for myself and the guys that I work with. I hope that this can provide

Wydu's Top Tracks of 2008 (25-1)

10. Praverb - The King (From: leaked track)

Ever since my man Praverb dropped "The King", I've always said the only thing wrong with the track was it wasn't long enough. This track is pure hip hop. It uses a familiar sample (a classic in my book), and just crushes it. It's not often you have a dope cuts, a classic sample and an MC that can still take it out of the park. Praverb is one of those cats that y'all need to be on the lookout for as he drops some serious heat rocks over the dope beat by Teddy Roxpin out of Massachusetts. Simply a classic hip hop track.


  1. Not a bad list ... most are right on

  2. Congrats, for Travis to put you at #10 is quite an honor, guy knows what he's doing. Best of luck climbing up the list in '09.


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