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FREE DOWNLOAD: Cold Legistics - Deeper Than You Think

Track Listing:

1. Dream
2. Sample Interlude
3. New Phenomenon
4. The Fourth Letter
5. The Dap Dip (Skit)
6. Soft Walking
7. Didn't Want To
8. Fox News
9. All I Ever Wanted
10. 2 Minute Break
11. What's Going On
12. Protect Your Investments
13. Watered Down
14. Deja Vu
15. Love
16. Traffic Interlude
17. Lost at Sea
18. Coming Home
19. Peace
20. I'm Gone

Hello Maniacs,

This is your boy Praverb and I am starting off the new year promoting one of beat making hombres, The Admiral (part of Cold Legistics). The project that I have for you is called Deeper Than You Think and it is a instrumental mixtape that was inspired by Madlib Shades of Blue and J-Dilla. The Admiral stated that "The whole project was inspired by Madlib's Shades of Blue, I bought it on vinyl a few months ago and listened to "Montara" on it and it sparked the light. J-Dilla's production also provided inspiration for the project."

Deeper Than You Think (If you guys need a premium account I have one...pick me haha)


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