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Pizza Man foils robber with a pepperoni pizza...

Dang, I would feel horrible if somebody threw a pizza at me haha...read the amazing story below and marvel at the use of the tasty pizza...

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Police say a pizza delivery man fought back with the one weapon he had handy when a gun was pulled on him in a stickup: A large, hot pepperoni pizza.

Delivery man Eric Lopez Devictoria, 40, flung the steaming pie at the gunman, buying time as he ran for safety, police said.

At least one shot was fired as Devictoria fled, but the deliveryman wasn't hurt and was able to quickly call police, according to authorities.

Three teenage suspects were nabbed soon after Wednesday's run-in with the cheesy weapon, police said, adding they were charged with armed robbery.

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  1. HAHAH ... were tehy charged for the pizza to? LOL


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