30 November 2008

Rapidshare, megaupload, Divshare, Limelinx, Zshare...so many options

I spend a lot of time online searching for music (I buy music as well) and I have used every download engine known to man haha. I was wondering which engine do you use to download and upload files?

I prefer Rapidshare (I have a premium account holla if you want to be down), ZShare, Limelinx, and Megaupload. I upload my files to Zshare, Limelinx, and Divshare. Zshare is great to share files but the images of half naked women take away from the music haha (Zshare also goes offline a lot), Limelinx is also a nice place to upload files but it is not as professional as Zshare. Finally I use Divshare to upload files, Divshare gives me the option to either post the download link or the track with a play option.