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"My President is Black" by Master 3...

Hello everybody I had post this insanely dope track from my homie Master 3. I do not want to spark a race debate but I will say that this expression presented by Master 3 is awesome. Obama becoming president is not only a great look for African-Americans but people worldwide and his accomplishment should serve as motivation for everyone stuck in a rut. (chants Yes We Can! Yes We Can!)

Master 3 - My President is Black

Woke up this morning, headache this big,
Up all night thinking, how big this is,
Historical moment, I witnessed it first hand,
Birth of a new day, given a new chance,
Obama for president, I couldn’t believe it,
Cuz I been saying that we would never achieve it,
“We ain’t ready,” I said, “It’ll never happen,”
But in the end, I guess his race didn’t really matter,
Beacon of hope, Grant Park packed in,
Thousands of people, united by passion,
United by something that was figured impossible,
But if I’m being honest, gotta say what we gotta do,
Cuz in history, Black history, no president ever did shit for me,
A bunch of promises he didn’t keep is all that I’ve been witnessing,
Hopefully he breaks the trend, and does what he says,
Cuz as quick as you can get it, your faith can be dead,
We got work to do, don’t stop now,
Just cuz we got silver lining don’t mean we outta the cloud,
But I’m proud, and in any case, this is a success,
And I can’t do nothing but show honor and respect,
My only wish is that our people who passed away,
Were able to witness the progress we made today,
What Martin and Malcolm fought and died for,
This is the dream here, good God, my Lord,
History in the making for all of the planet,
Brought together to change the world, correcting some damage,
All of it starts with us doing our part,
To make real all of our dreams and light up the dark,
I voted for my first time in this election,
And I’ve never been prouder of my country or complexion,
And when my kids ask, my reply is,
“America surprised us, and let a Black man guide us…”

At 10:00 pm, Central Standard Time, on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, Senator Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America. And 40 years after the Civil Rights Movement, America elected a Black man president for the first time in history.

My President Is Black, we made it come true,
We can change the world and it starts with me and you,
We gotta keep progressing, continue on the trail,
Make the world better, tell our grandkids the tale,
My President Is Black, we made it come true,
We can change the world and it starts with me and you,
Done with the talking, ain’t nothing else to say,
It’s time for some action to make a brighter day,
My President Is Black...

Congratulations to the Senator, and good luck.


  1. Thanks for posting up mang, I appreciate it a lot.


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