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Bitter Beer Face and Jake One...

Well I did not become a finalist for the Jake One contest but I still would like to thank Jake and Rhymesayers for the opportunity. Am I upset? of course but this is something that I can not control, all I can do is continue to record music you know (it is not the end of the world).

Jake One Single Contest: You Pick The Winner...make sure you vote for the winner in the contest which will conclude on the 16th...


  1. What!? I'm from seattle and didn't hear about this contest....the weird thing is I already had songs ready out of those instrumentals....ah well you shouldn't be to upset they said it was hard to just pick five and they prolly just had good studio sound so its no knock on your lyrics.

  2. thanks bro...I think that it was hard to decide on a final seven with over 400+ entries...


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