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Who would win a rap battle between McCain and Obama?

Before I type about this subject I would like to say that a new president will be elected in November...I have to quote Buff 1 right quick

you say guck the fovernment and buck Bush//
I say I love the government, I love Bush//

Am I the only one who believes that elections are similar to rap battles? I mean the attempt to dig up dirt on your opponent (personal disses), the eloquent speech (flow, presence and delivery), and the crowd deciding who the victor will be. Who would win a rap battle between the two candidates? Would McCain butt in while Obama is flowing? Would Joe Budden I mean Biden direct all of his attacks towards Mrs. Palin?

What is the election based on? Is it based on a younger hipper candidate or an older candidate who has a lot of experience (with the pass regime)? Will the elected president help us restore the economy and get the soldiers out of Iraq?

the answer is emphatically H E double L no haha


  1. *

    Should The top management of the Public listed company be responsible for the company nearly get wind up?


    Are you a Partisan?

  2. It's a lil corny, but I agree.
    The days right before the election were the worst.
    It's very convenient, the stuff they happen to find out about each other the day before the election.


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