04 October 2008

A return to the stage...

"I battle you for the respect, I'll battle you over a blank check
I'll battle you with a gun to my neck" - Canibus

Waddup everyone, I am fresh from my return to the stage. I went to the Scribble Jam Pre-Lims in Baltimore and I had a chance to compete for a spot at Scribble Jam. My comeback mission was halted after the first round but I did learn some valuable lessons. I learned that freestyle battles are about "shock value" or what is being delivered and how it is delivered, gone are the days of having a tight flow and ill presence. I also learned that making stupid comparisons garner the most applause or reaction from the average rap audience. I love battle rap because it is the closest thing to a fight and since I don't use the fisticuffs anymore I prefer battle rap. I understand that I will catch some flack for it but this is an art in which I can be creative and incorporate a lot of ideas and opinions. The experience was great and I had a chance to vibe with A-Class, Ull Neva No, and my homie Darnell. Ray was there to accompany me and I felt a little nervous and rusty. I have worked on my freestyle skills for about two weeks but I want to continue to advance. If I continue to battle rap I want to work on my approach more because I think I got caught up trying to emulate Juice instead of spitting like myself. All in all I had fun freestyling all the way there and back. Be on the lookout for new tracks, especially the one featuring Donny Goines.