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Artist Appreciation: Juice

My second installment for artist appreciation focuses on the brilliance of Juice. Juice is a renowned freestyle and battle rapper. I first caught wind of Juice back in the late 90's when I was heavily immersed in the underground hip hop culture, most notably Scribble Jam. When I found out that Eminem battled Juice I did a back flip...especially when I saw the footage of them battling. I was amazed by his flow, delivery, and witty lines. When I saw him freestyle on YouTube or listened to him I was amazed by the content of his lines and his ability to say things that I should have thought of. He is definitely a legend in the underground scene and will always come with substance.

If you get a chance check him out via google and other Internet mediums.


  1. Wat up. Juice is my favorite freestyle rapper of all time. I'm constantly trying to find more vids and freestyles online. Have you seen the vids put up by the wakeup show on ursession.com?

  2. yes I have seen the freestyle videos from the wakeup show...he went off wooooooooo


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