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New Poem - Diary of a Madman

This is the diary of a madman, who thinks like Manson
at times, my rhymes can come across as random
if this were the opera, I could be the phantom
with the half mask and all, I can no longer hide my face

this face has been blemished by the sun
UV rays penetrate this rough skin
once I rise, I know that my work is not done
a madman is on the loose, when will I use this pen

this Madman will bring back memories, I stay on the grind
before Frankenstein, there was Sinatra and Albert Einstein
the words that I write trickle up your spine
until you feel lost in translation when things do not rhyme

this madman is on the prowl, everyone is cautious
this madman will always win, you continue to stack up losses
this madman is no vampire, he shuns the use of your crosses
this madman is me, please step into my office


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