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New Poem - Faith -- Very Powerful by Praverb The Wyse!

by Earl P. aka Praverb

Faith is the substance of things hoped for
and the evidence of things not seen
So if I follow the path laid down before me
will my spirit be clean?
I, want to possess the faith of Abraham
sacrificing my son to receive something greater than...
life in itself, in itself I can receive life
Lucifer's mission is to kill, steal and destroy
He won't succeed in this heist
By faith I am able to rise daily
By faith I am able to serve he who saved me
By faith I am able to breathe
By faith I am able to succeed
By faith I can move mountains
even with faith as small as a mustard seed
Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith
and I am just a character in his novel
I may not receive riches in this lifetime
but in heaven, I hit the lotto


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