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Grind My Gears: 08/29/08

Hello everyone,

This week I will detail some things that seem to GRIND MY GEARS.

First and foremost I have to applaud McCain for selecting Sarah Palin as his VP. I believe that it is a great marketing move by the McCain team, Palin is an unknown Republican from Alaska who will sway young voters as well as women wooooooooo. I think that Barack made a mistake by not selecting Hilliary as his running mate. Skeptics will state that Hilliary would have garnered more attention than Barack but I happen to disagree. Next I will have to smack Chad Johnson, reports have surfaced that he has changed his name to Ocho Cinco...I understand that Chad is an entertainer but sheesh. Chad Johnson was your birth name fool but I should expect this from a selfish, egomaniac such as Ocho. Next I will have to talk about Shawne Merriman...I believe that Shawne could be affecting his future by playing on two torn ligaments. I can sympathize with the I need to help the team mentality that Shawne has but he should think about the long term. A slight drop in production could result in less money (remember 2009 is his contract year) and another knee injure could derail his Hall of Fame like start. The last sport related issue involves Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards. I am a big Sportscenter fan and I was on the ground laughing when I heard that Kyle Busch referred to Edwards as Mr. Ed. I believe that there rivalry is good for NASCAR and the war of words adds excitement to the sport.

...what is up with the LPGA making a proposal that all golfers speak English?

...what is up with KRS-One welcoming Soulja Boi into the hip-hop realm hehe?

soak this information in until the next session hehe...


  1. whaddupp son, aint know u had a blogspot too lol

  2. The whole election is a popularity contest, Obama would definitely be in office would he have selected Hillary, but seeing as how she is Lucifer re-born he logically decided to choose a GOOD running mate.
    McCain decided to capitalize and get the female vote. Any woman with half a brain should be insulted that he chose Palin not based on credentials, but by what lies between her legs.
    I would have preferred Pawlenty as McCain's running partner.
    And should I even mention how "racist" it is that Obama will receive at least a few million votes from urban voters who only want a black president because of the color of his skin. And 10's of millions of votes from suburban youths who "identify" with black people.
    This election is bullshit, and if you listen closely both of the candidates are terrible, and have very little idea what they are talking about. Not to mention, McCain is a propaganda machine, and Obama has absolutely no experience at all.
    But since he's black...

  3. Guy I agree with you fam...It is sad to know that some people are not even voting based on politics just skin color or experience...it baffles me that Obama selected Biden...that move made no sense and I could care less about how much experience Biden has...the goal is to win the election and help solidify our reputation not soil it...


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