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Shout out to 33 Jones and a tribute to F.B.I.

Check out this coverage that 33 Jones did for "The King"

33 Jones feature on Praverb...

I like to thank all the blogs that have "The King" in circulation, new music will be coming in August after I move unless I can head over to Teflon's studio (shout out to Rigamortiz wooooooooooo)...I am in a state of shock because I just found out that my old partner in crime (JC Rhymez) will quit hip hop music and focus on other avenues. To celebrate this shift in musical direction I will share with the world 3 songs that we recorded as F.B.I. (Faith Based Intellect).

F.B.I. - Got a Problem (prod. by Cold Legistics

F.B.I. - Letter to Hip-Hop

F.B.I. - It's Not Me (prod. by Noyd)

...I did various shows with Mr. Calderon and I must say that he is a very passionate performer and a courageous man of God. Letter to Hip-Hop is recorded over a Roots instrumental and Got a Problem incorporates a line by Yung Joc.

Thanks for listening


  1. yo much respect on this! The King joint is some seeerious fireeee!!

    and maaan, that letter to hiphop track was amazing too, damn.
    respect dude!


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