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MTC Conference, moving, and anticipated releases...

This past Friday I was invited to teach young men how to compose positive lyrics at the MTC Conference near Montross, Virginia. I had the opportunity to accompany my homie in an attempt to draw young men closer to Christ. I must admit that I was blown away at the response and the attitudes of these young men. They inspired me more than I inspired them, their zest for Christ was phenomenal. I have been known to rap about how nice I am or how many people I can kill lyrically but you will notice a shift in my content in the future. I will not state whether all of the material will be Christ oriented but I will state that the material will be centered around life. I would like to thank Pastor Mike Dixon, Pastor Turane, Pastor Troy Dixon, Mr. Fairley, Mr. Davis, and Bleu Flame.

As I stated on the space' page, I am in the process of moving and boy it has been a tedious process. Moving sucks but what sucks more is the fact that I can not do what I love most, and that is recording. I believe that I needed this hiatus in artistry to dwell on certain areas of my life that are in shambles and ask the Heavenly Father to give me the strength to work on those areas. New music will be recorded once I set up the lab and test out the acoustics.

This Tuesday will be a lovely day to cop an album or two with the highly anticipated release of Nas's Untitled album and The Million Dollar Backpack by Skillz. I am glad that Nas decided not to name his album the N-bomb which in my opinion would have been a horrible publicity stunt. I hope that Nas has compiled an album that showcases his legacy as a lyricist. Next I will speak on the man who inspired me to battle rap, Skillz. Skillz, formerly known as Mad Skillz, has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I have always respected him as a lyricist and I believe that he is madly underrated. Make sure that you cop both albums when they drop, also cop Reks Grey Hairs album and Elzhi's The Preface album.

Until next time...Peace and Prosperity


  1. congrats on making that move to represent Christ... wish u the best.


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