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Grind My Gears: 07/01/08

Waddup Everyone,

This week I will detail certain things that really GRIND MY GEARS (hehe Family Guy reference)…

First I will talk about those who tend to support candidates based on their ethnicity or gender which I believe is bogus. If you are a real follower or advocate then you will let that nominee's political stance, most notably his or her policies, concerns, etc. fuel your decision to back them. I believe that it is very shallow to back someone "just because," think about it our society is based on this so called "just because" system and I believe we should break that mold (examples: minorities being arrested just because, Caucasians unable to use the n word just because, men being the breadwinner just because…). Just because Obama is black or Hillary is a woman should not fuel or ignite your decision-making, do some research to back your claims because if you are challenged by others you may look like a fool in a heated debate.

Next I will talk about Lil' Wayne and his rant against Djs (Deejays). Earlier this week Lil' Wayne made headlines on most hip-hop sites for dissing mixtape djs which prompted a response from Dj Doo Wop (Click Here to listen to it). I will give Wayne the benefit of the doubt, maybe he popped too many pills and syrup before his impulsive rant or maybe he has a point haha. I can understand how he can be upset that his name and songs are on numerous mixtapes but doesn't fame warrant these happenings? I mean seriously, he is probably the most visible and most talked about hip-hop artist south of Kanye West, yet he has a problem with gaining more notoriety. Didn't Wayne praise Djs (remember "Go Dj")? Wow, in my eyes Mr. Carter should focus on getting that gwop (money) and continue to tour. Go Dj that's my Dj haha whatever!!!

…If I hear another song utilizing the use of Auto tune I will seriously drown in a puddle of water.

…Lil Mama can actually spit… Need Evidence she killed it

…I finally decided to give Wale a listen and I must admit "The Kramer" is a dope track, I love the Go-Go influence in his productions…check out his Seinfeld inspired mixtape "The Mixtape About Nothing".

…Buhohohoho at my co-worker stating that Fantasia sounds like Macy Gray, I was seriously in a moment of uncontrollable laughter.

…sheesh I can continue to express my opinions but I will digress and do some homework, if you have a blog and need a contribution from me P, get at me…wooooooo


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