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Praverb "Center of Attention" now available!

Emcees are a dime a dozen these days, but Praverb continues to amaze fans with his lyrics. The depths of his lyrics exude reality, a trait that Praverb finds valuable. "There are a lot of people rambling about nothing nowadays; I speak on real things, everyday struggles." Praverb speaks on reality every time he is in presence of a microphone. Making his Domination Recordings debut with "Center of Attention"; is sure to be a breath of fresh air. "Center of Attention" features production from Cold Legistics, Destro, Streetwize, Teddy Roxpin, The Agonist, Frelarmi and DJ Keor.

1. Perfect Intro
2. Back in the Days
3. Dead 2 Sin
4. Freedom to Prevail
5. Rain
6. I Grind, You Grind feat. Trinidad
7. Tatianna
8. You Know Me
9. Time is Ticking
10. Represent
11. Ordinary Day
12. Trading Places

Available online at:
- iTunes
- EMusic
- Rhapsody
- Amazon.com

Free Download: "Center of Attention" album sampler MP3

For more info on Praverb, visit: CLICK HERE

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  1. congrats for your new blog, hope you getting some more hits now, peace

  2. this is the hotness pra

  3. Thanx for the comment and link on the blog - greatly appreciated. I KNEW I had seen your name somewhere...Been hearing some of your tracks on myspace. Dope stuff fo' real. I wouldn't mind collabing sometime...



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