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My website, Praverb.net, provides necessary content for the Do It Yourself Recording Artist. This website has undergone a lot of transformation since I started it in 2008. I originally wanted Praverb.net to be the main hub for everything Praverb related. I quickly found out that I did not want the focus to always be on me.

In 2011, I started promoting artists and music that I enjoyed. I spent countless hours researching new material and crafting blog posts in an effort to emulate the bigger sites.

I started reaching out to artists that I respected and started interviewing them:

By the end of 2011 I was burnt out and I decided to compile useful information for up and coming artists.

In 2012, I found my blogging style, I also started to utilize my scholastic background (MBA and BA in Psychology) in regards to presenting thought out blog posts packed with research.

Copyblogger and Social Media Examiner were critical to my development as a blogger. I started taking things seriously and worked hard to put together great posts.

I began to examine the hip-hop blogs that posted my material and I thought it would be a great idea to compile a post aimed at educating up and coming artists.

This research gave birth to The Ultimate Hip-Hop Blog Directory.

I finally have found my purpose and filled a void. Praverb.net evolved out of necessity.

In 2014, I am seeking to develop my blogging voice even more. I want to write more guest blog posts and grow as a writer. I would also like to complete my first book. Video blogging is in the future as well. Oh, and I plan to record new music.

The future is definitely bright.

What You Will Find on Praverb.net...

  • Research driven blog posts
  • Music marketing tips
  • Storytelling
  • Transparency
Praverb's Interests...

Praverb is interested in growing as a human being, documenting my son's growth through pictures, marketing, sports and more.

I am also an Admin for various Facebook Hip-Hop Communities:

Certified Hip-Hop Feed
Hip-Hop Golden Age
I Live Hip Hop


I am definitely honored to finally have people assist me in regards to creating content. The regular contributors are listed below.



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