15 Simple Ways to Market Your Music

Music plays with the heart and triumphs over the souls. It is considered one of the most effective pills to bring joy to people. When everything in life seems like a setting sun, a romantic or a raunchy track can really uplift your perspective. Composing music or writing it is even more exciting. You’re the one, who wants to please the audience. Recording music is stressful and so is releasing music.

It’s fine, but can you imagine yourself releasing an album without a buyer? No, never. How about recording each and every song with your heart? How about marketing an album without a plan or layout?

In this day and age, marketing your album is just as important as recording your album. Have you chalked out some marketing plans or are you still clueless over this issue? I suggest reading that you continue to read this post to discover 15 Simple Ways to Market Your Music.

1. Social Networking
We are living in a world where it is easy to reach out to an audience through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp and so forth at the click of a mouse. So, tap into one of the safest and cheapest modes of marketing.

2. Brand Recognition
The company that is set to release your album must be recognizable since, some of the buyers look at the brand name first before shelling out money for an album.

If you are an independent artist than you are your brand. Everything you do, say, wear etc is a part of your brand.

3. Sponsors
They also play a crucial role in your musical success. Sponsorship can come from various levels. Corporate sponsorship, non-profit sponsorship, local sponsorship, etc. The goal is to build relationships with these sponsors. You never know what can happen.

4. Public Places
Nevertheless the world provides an great opportunity to market your music. Posters, placards and physical product haven’t lost their sheen yet. Placing these items in public places certainly leaves a positive imprint in the minds of onlookers.

5. Media
Print plus electronic media, both have their own impact on the society. Make sure, you’ve prepared a press release worth informing. Avoid mentioning pointless details that should be otherwise fitting to your current album.

6. Interviews
You need to make efforts to get your interview conducted with a famed TV channel, before you become a celeb. For the reason that then, chance of yours getting into the eyes of audiences enhances immensely.

Interviews with a local TV station works as well. Do not forget about the power of YouTube. You can interview yourself or conduct a Q&A session.

7. Live shows
Depending upon your popularity and demand in the market, you can choose the live show route. Interacting face-to-face with the audience is something one can’t experience in a four walled studio. Undeniably, it leaves an indelible mark in the listeners mind.

Don’t be shy either, performing for small crowds and promoting your album is the first step. It will be an ideal rehearsal for you to learn what do to during a jam packed concert.

8. Online Promotion
There are various online portals that offer advertising slots. Your goal is to own real estate on these sites. Yes, front page coverage always works. Research the sites carefully though.

9. Celebrity or Industry Endorsements
It can’t get better than this. The support of a celebrity or industry insider can yield huge results. Remember build relationships by being approachable, attentive and resourceful.

10. Highlight Content
Assessing your work can be a daunting task, but at the same time very beneficial too. Highlight your best content and allow it to stand out.

11. Run a Contest
Involving customers is very fruitful in regards to effective marketing. Offer gift hampers, free CD’s, merch, concert passes, etc to the winners of the contest.

12. Teamwork (Involve Family and Friends)
Working in a group is a great way to market your music. Distributing some of the marketing work to your family, close friends, and acquaintances, expands your market reach.

13. University/Colleges/Schools
Learn the art of keeping a finger on the pulse of youth. Most of the time, they are the cream buyers. Pass out content on campus. This includes promo cds, posters, flyers, etc. It is always good to recruit college students to be ambassadors of your brand.

14. Run videos on TV channels
Visual marketing is huge today. Take the time to pitch your content to TV Channels. This approach is very expensive though so be willing to shell out the big bucks.

15. Be Aware of Every Opportunity
Learn how to view every situation as an opportunity. Become a people person. Interact with people and just communicate with good intentions. Listen to people, be a problem solver. Be resourceful. Market your music by being yourself!

Never ever lose hope, you may be a beginner today but tomorrow is a different day. Once you succeed in carving a special place in the hearts of your fans, marketing your next album Won't be as difficult as it is now.

Have you utilized these marketing tips before? What have you learned from past marketing campaigns? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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How To Use Spotify To Promote Your Music

The age of the Internet has signalled the beginning of new and exciting opportunities for aspiring musicians. Where once only a recording contract with an established label would lead to chart success, anyone with the requisite talent can now ensure that their music is heard on a global stage. Spotify is the world's largest music streaming service of its kind in the world, and it allows users to listen to a huge catalogue of music for free, or with additional user options in exchange for a monthly subscription. You can now list your own compositions for streaming alongside those of the world's most successful recording artists, and it's probably easier than you think.

Enlist the help of nominated music distribution companies

Although it is not possible to directly upload music to the Spotify website, it is possible to do it through specialist music promotion companies. For a small charge, the service you choose will administer the royalties you receive from Spotify, as well as ensuring that your tracks are sent in the correct format.

During the sign-up process, it is important that you take the time to ensure that your biography and contact details are correct. You can't update them via the Spotify website, so any errors will need to be rectified through music distribution companies - a task that could take several weeks to complete.

Build a following

The key to success on Spotify is to accumulate a list of followers. As more people listen to your compositions, they will follow you - and hopefully persuade their friends to do the same. However, in order to give your presence on Spotify the required credibility, you will need to get verified.

Once your music has been uploaded to Spotify, you can create your own profile and link it to your Spotify discography. This is done through the verification form on the website. After supplying the URL of your discography, a profile name, an associated Twitter account and an acceptable photo, the verification process will begin - which can take up to three weeks. Verified artists can be identified by the 'blue tick' icon displayed next to their profile name.

When someone follows you, they will be instantly notified by email when you change your profile or add new tracks, so it's a great way of keeping your loyal fans in the loop. You can let them be the first to hear your new tracks - which they may share with other users. The Spotify activity feed will also keep your fans up to date with new material - and any songs you have added to your playlists recently.

Embrace Spotify playlists

Even the world's biggest recording artists are using Spotify playlists to engage with new fans and stay in touch with existing ones. Give your playlists appropriate names, and make them available to an audience of millions. Your fans and people looking for new artists in your genre will be able to access playlists on their mobiles and tablets too, which could further the reach of your own music.

Include Spotify on your own website

It is now easy to make your Spotify presence felt by fans through your own website. With the addition of some simple code, you can add a 'play' button to any page on your site. This will allow visitors to listen to your tracks with just one click. You can also place a link to your Spotify profile on your own website, which can grow your following quickly and organically.

Spotify allows you to sell music

As an artist on Spotify, you can now set up an online merchandise store with the help of artist link. Whether you want to sell CDs of your best work, branded clothing or signed photos, the automated, step-by-step process makes it easy. You can also direct listeners to your website, where you can sell to them directly.

Spotify is a convenient, easy-to-use and cheap way of giving your music a global audience. With the right help from music promotion companies, it can grow your legion of fans far quicker than you ever imagined.

Image Retrieved from Mashable

Have you used Spotify to promote your music? Does this post help you understand Spotify better? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Handbook - Heaven's Scent

Handbook is a beatmaker with a relentless work ethic.

"Heaven's Scent" is a smooth instrumental with a chopped vocal sample.

Handbook's drum work is strong as usual. I love how he consistently drops quality material.

"Heaven's Scent" is a single from Handbook's new album Olden. Handbook states that the basis of his work is quality sampling.


Follow @HandbookYork on Twitter.

Children of Zeus - Still Standing

So I am back to posting music here and let's just say this song by Children of Zeus is amazing. Children of Zeus consists of Tyler Daley and KonnyKon.

Tyler's vocal performance is stellar and his song writing skills are very good.

The rapping third verse is simple and to the point and fits the concept.

I suggest that you check out this group from Manchester, UK. Also check out "Elevate" as well.

Follow @TylerDaley + @KonnyKon on Twitter.

7 Types of Social Media Music Promoters - Which One Are You?

Social media has become a megaphone for the masses. As music artists and producers we recognize the value that it holds for getting our talent to the ears of people who will enjoy it.

Chances are, you’re connected with others in the industry and have witnessed the various tactics employed to get people to listen.

Some strategies work well for some people, while others...not so much.

Every artist is unique and has a unique fan base, therefore a variety of strategies tailored to your personality and those you are trying to reach is important.

No matter what your style is, make it work for you. Below I will point out 7 types of social media music promoters.

The Force Feeder
You fear being lost in the shuffle and want to guarantee that people see your newest release so you post and tweet, almost incessantly, to force your way into your friends and followers feeds.

Potential Upside: The likelihood of people noticing your music is higher.
Potential Downside: You may annoy people and cause them to hide, mute, unfollow or unfriend you, diminishing your reach.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Spread out your sharing a bit. Too much chatter makes it easy to be overlooked. Take advantage of commenting on likes, comments, retweets and shares at various times to keep your music visible but in a less commanding way.

The Name Dropper
You want to be certain that friends and followers take notice of the music that you want to share so you tag or mention them to make sure that they see it.

Potential Upside: They will see it and like, share or retweet it causing it to be visible to potential fans outside of your network.
Potential Downside: You may annoy people and cause them to become frustrated with your promotional tactics, creating resistance to future promotions.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Be thoughtful with your tags and mentions. Only tag people that you regularly interact with, have directly contributed to your work or have a specific interest in your music.

The Graffiti Artist
You have meticulously thought through who you want to know you have new music so you visit the timeline of each individual to post your links. You feel that they may enjoy it and will be delighted that you took the time to address them personally, therefore they will be more likely to listen and share.

Potential Upside: They may be glad you took the time to send it to them and be more likely to listen and share.
Potential Downside: They may not appreciate you posting your work on their timeline and hide or delete it, diminishing your reach.

How to Make the Most of this Method: Carefully select whose timeline you chose to share your music to. Pay attention to what they share and consider if your post would be something they would want people who visit their timeline to view.

The Attention Grabber
You believe you have a slightly more subtle approach. You watch for posts that may draw people that would have an interest in your endeavors and you share your information in the comments section.

Potential Upside: You may attract people to your link and gain new fans.
Potential Downside: You may annoy people, specifically the author of the original post and get your comment removed and/or be blocked.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Be considerate to the original “poster”. Create a dialog that warrants a reason for you to share your work. If that does not occur and it is not directly related, save it for another time.

The Inbox Intruder
You don’t want to be blatant with your advertising so you inbox your connections...a LOT...to make sure they are aware that you have music you want them to hear.

Potential Upside: This approach is a bit more personal than some of the alternatives and may make the receiver more likely to listen and share.
Potential Downside: Too many inbox messages may turn-off potential fans and cause them to ignore you.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Space out your messages. Generate conversation that is not self-serving to let the receiver know that you view them as a person, not just another view or play.

The Meek Mumbler
You’re afraid of annoying people. You’ve witnessed and possibly have been annoyed with all of the other tactics you’ve observed or been on the receiving end of, so you rarely post your music and when you do it is with an incredibly shy premise.

Potential Upside: People don’t see you post that often so they are more likely to engage with you when you do.
Potential Downside: People may be more likely to miss your posts, limiting your potential audience.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Plan a variety of posts that allow you to share information more frequently in a less redundant manner. Experiment with text, photos & videos to get more mileage out of the content you wish to share.

The Privileged Panhandler
You’ve worked hard to build a significant social network connection. People love what you do and so it’s only natural that they are waiting to hear what’s next from you. Instead of asking people to listen to your new music you tell them to, and you already know they’re going to like it so you tell them to share because it’s all a form of support.

Potential Upside: Your core fans may feel compelled to follow instructions and honor your decree.
Potential Downside: You may lose said support from fans who feel that you don’t recognize their time is valuable and that you believe they owe you something.

How to Make the Most of this Method: Confidence in your talent is great, but be cognizant of the fact that your fans have other things that demand their attention. Throw in a “please” as an acknowledgement that they could be doing other things with their time but you hope they choose to spend it with you.

So now that you've familiarized yourself with the various types of Social Media music promoters there are, which group would you say that you belong to?

It's important to recognize that there are pros and cons associated with each method, but as long as you take the time to build relationships with your audience, your style can provide the results you desire.

Keep in mind that just as you don't want to be viewed as "another artist" your fans don't want to be viewed as just "another consumer".

Initiating dialogue between you and your audience is the best way to lessen the effects of the cons commonly linked to various social media marketing strategies.

Have you noticed additional pros or cons with your promotion technique? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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