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Boston bred, blue collar MC. Winner of the 2 most prestigious Massachusetts awards (previously won by Guru, Edo G, Mr. Lif). Has toured the world (Europe 6 times) sharing the stage with Wu-Tang, Boot Camp Clik, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Slaughterhouse, Ryan Leslie, N.O.R.E and many more. Has records alongside A.O.T.P, Gangstarr Foundation, M.O.P, Red Cafe & more. Debut album "Ego and the Enemy" dropping in Jan.27, 2017!!

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Christ, Community and Hip Hop: 10 Questions with Devine Carama

Devine Carama dropped "10 Blog Commandments," a tribute to Praverb, in December 2014, less than two months after we lost our friend, brother and spiritual/musical/marketing guide. Today I talk to Devine, a Protest Music artist and social justice activist from Kentucky, about his relationship with Praverb, his advice for up-and-coming artists, the responsibility of musicians to address political issues, the role faith and religion play in his life, and more. 

Here are AWKWORD's 10 Questions with Kingtucky, Devine Carama.

1. On December 14, 2014, you released the record that introduced me to your music, an homage to our mutual friend Praverb. On Soundcloud, you said:

Being an older MC that fell in love with the culture during the golden era, I've come to grips that the game has changed. The way artists expand their reach and connect with more fans has evolved. One major change has been the Internet and hiphop blogs play a huge role in that evolution. As an indie artist, I've learned the hard way in how I should submit my music to blogs & websites. Some of that knowledge came from trial & error but a lot of that knowledge came from my friend Praverb The Wyse. So in the spirit of keeping his legacy alive, I wanted to drop some knowledge for other up & coming MCs like he dropped knowledge on me!

As a fellow beneficiary of Praverb's knowledge, I have to ask: How did you first hear of him?

Four or five years ago, he hit me up on Twitter to give me props on a Nas tribute song I had released. From there, I followed him on Twitter and was amazed by his passion for the game, from an indie standpoint, as well as his knowledgeable points of view.

2. It was Twitter for me, too. People don't understand: if you do it right, Twitter can be an invaluable resource. It played a major role in how I was able to put World View together. So, what was your relationship with Praverb like? why did you think you two connected? 

I'd like to call Praverb and I long-distance friends (we never met in person), but more than that, we were colleagues in a sense. We were both Christian emcees who spit for a higher cause, but also indie artists who were very passionate about the process of how young and upcoming emcees found ways to expand their music through the Internet.  

We had multiple phone conversations of four or more hours. Pat had the type of spirit where you could talk to him for hours upon hours. I felt like I had known him my entire life.

3. I felt the same way, and I'm pretty sure -- by the incredible outpouring of support his family received following his death -- that we're not alone. What do you think was the impact of his passing?

I feel his death left a huge void of knowledge for young emcees coming into the game. I also think Praverb's presence held Hip Hop websites accountable when it came to indie artists and their coverage. His selflessness aided his cause. Now that he's gone, you can feel that void and nobody has been able to fill it.

4. As one of those indie artists (and there A LOT of them, myself included), what separates you from the crowd?

Lyrics and substance are at the top of my list when creating music. I think that's rare today. I also create music at a high volume, which has become somewhat of an inside joke with other artists in the Kentucky area. It seems like I'm always dropping product.

6. Lil Wayne definitely popularized that strategy. His output was insane back in the day. And you're right: quality AND quantity is definitely rare these days. With that in mind, what would be your primary advice for artists just starting out?

Exhaust every facet and forum to grow your fan base -- open mics, shows, Internet, poetry. We live in an era where there are so many rappers that the general public initially frowns upon local or indie artists. Because of that, a lot of up and comers try and "Joe Cool" their way through the process. They rap, but kind of act like they rap for fun and that it's not that big of a deal -- and that way they aren't ostracized too much by their peers if they aren't really feeling [their music/movement]. You've got to run the gauntlet and own the process 100% in order to push yourself to your zenith.  

7. Great advice. And I always try to ask that question of the artists, bloggers and others I interview for this site because I want to continue to be known as a resource for the indies. Another classic concern for unsigned artists is compensation -- what to demand payment for, what to give away, etc. How do you manage your career from a financial perspective? I know you're the Director of a nonprofit organization, Believing In Forever Inc. Do you have another job too?

Definitely. I had my daughters at a young age (20), so I've always had a 9-to-5 while pursuing my music career. Also, having a job is what funds your CD pressings, features, studio time, etc. I've never been too cool to work AND rap. [Right now I work as Youth Services Coordinator for Community Action Council.] 

8. That's great, homie. You really are a man of the people. For Praverb, faith and religion were essential to living life on Earth. You mentioned before that you connected as Christian emcees. What role do faith and religion play in your life and music?

They play a big part. I'm a Christian man and a lover of Jesus. But I make music within my walk and current state. I'll never try and be "harder" than I am or "holier" than I am. My music is a true representation of where I am, but I also try to continue using my platform to push people closer to God.

9. And what are the biggest issues facing us today?

Lack of love and respect for one another. It seems like we can't agree without hating. I'd like to see more constructive dialogue among opposing points of view. It's simple.

10. Very interesting, and personal. I think it reflects your commitment to your faith. But not all artists are religious; likewise, rappers are not known in the mainstream media for being positive influences. Like you, I work hard to combat this in my music, and as a Hip Hop educator. In your opinion, what is the role of the artist in addressing issues of inequality and injustice?

Hip hop was birthed as a voice for the suppressed, unheard, and forgotten. So, for me, Hip Hop artists have a huge responsibility in addressing those issues. Even the most gangster Hip Hop artists like Scarface, Ice Cube, 2Pac and Jadakiss address those issues and how they affect our community. It's important. 

Some of these kids listen to us more than their teachers so it's imperative that we give them jewels in our music!

Listen to Devine Carama's "God Said I'm The Nicest," featuring D'Lee and produced by Obvious, off his Kingtucky album:

Watch the music video for Devine Carama's "The Populist Pulpit," produced by MC1larke, off his Blood of a Slave album:

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Advice for the Independent Artist: The Best Headline Length

Have you ever wondered how long your headline should be to catch people's (fleeting) attention? And is it different for a blog post and an email subject line? What about Twitter and Facebook? You know you can't give EVERYTHING away, but what if you don't say enough? If you drag on, you'll lose me; but if I have to think too much you'll lose me then, too. Today, thanks to the good folks at CoSchedule, we have your answers. 

While there are differences across platforms, the rules for headline writing success are useful whether you're sharing your latest interview on social media, sending an email blast about your new song, or on your website/blog promoting new additions to your online store. Some Content Management Systems (CMS) will even give you tips as you compose, but there's no need for that when you have this comprehensive guide from CoSchedule.  

And if I haven't yet lost your attention, but we're running out of time, take this top takeaway from the article:

Next time, I'll share a cheat sheet of the best headline writing hacks. 

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AWKWORD ft. Jasiri X, MK Asante & Voli - "Angels" [prod. by Deepstar The Abyss Dwella (Australia)]

"There are angels all around us. Every human being is their own beacon of light, and oftentimes we take ourselves and each other for granted. On 'Angels,' AWKWORD, Jasiri X, MK Asante, and Voli take up for the homeless, veterans, and victims of police brutality that society continues to look over every day." -- WatchLoud​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

FREE Stream x Download: 

The Top 50 Hip Hop/Rap Songs of September (Submit Yours for Oct/Nov)

First off, big shoutout to the good folks at Audiomack for recognizing the value in what I'm doing with these monthly best-of playlists, naming me a 'Verified Tastemaker'. It's now even easier to fall upon our playlists in the app and on the website. (And thank you to Matt Diamond of Diamond Media/Coalmine Records for including my song in his first playlist for Audiomack!)

This month may be the best yet, from top to bottom -- and that last part's proverbial, as all the playlists are 'mixed' based on sound, style and theme, and not from the best to the 50th best.

Standouts this month: 
  1. First and foremost, my past collaborator REKS, who appears THREE TIMES over top-notch production.
  2. An African anthem put together by the legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt, featuring Femi Kuti and my friend and "I Am" collaborator Modenine.
  3. Two in-your-face political cuts, from rappers' rappers Emilio Rojas (see below) and Saigon.
  4. The song that sold me on young white rapper Token, the heartfelt "Happiness".
  5. Two songs featuring my favorite rapper -- and friend and collaborator -- ILL BILL.
  6. Better representation from women in Hip Hop, with new music from Dominique Larue, Eternia and Rapsody.
  7. My introduction to Chox-Mak, who beat me to the punch using his daughters to deliver a beautiful hook.
  8. Break-neck beats from Statik Selektah, Buckwild, Large Professor, Alchemist, Apollo Brown, Nottz, Optiks and J. Rawls.
  9. The return (again) of one of my personal favorites, Mickey Factz.
  10. More brilliant bully rap from Conway and WestSide Gunn.

The Top 50 Playlist (NOT in order of best to worst):

  1. Chox-Mak ft. Neet & Dawbi – Unstoppable [prod. by CDS Productions]
  2. DJ Jimmy Jatt ft. M.anifest, Navio, Modenine & Femi Kuti – The Greatest [prod. by Kid Konnect]
  3. Kardinal Offishall ft. P.K. Subban & Yoana – Year One
  4. Machine Gun Kelly – Just What I Am (Remixx) [prod. by Kid Cudi]
  5. Brian Breach ft. Chris Rivers – Breakfast [prod. by Makemdef]
  6. Matt Citron – Stay Down [prod. by Buckwild]
  7. Koncept ft. Akie Bermiss – Time To Go [prod. by Optiks]
  8. J. Rawls & Dominique Larue – Fuckin Jerk [prod. by J. Rawls]
  9. Token – Happiness [prod. by Kato]
  10. Darnell Williams ft. Denzel Curry & Elohim – Pale Fire [prod. by Rock Mafia & Lost Values]
  11. Emilio Rojas – I Hate Donald Trump [prod. by JR]
  12. Saigon – Blessing (Pro Gun Anthem)
  13. Mickey Factz & Nottz – 414 Words [prod. by Nottz]
  14. Babylon Warchild ft. Punchline & Wordsworth – Piano Keys
  15. Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas) & Soulbrotha (Germany) – Louder Than Ever [prod. by Soulbrotha]
  16. Torii Wolf & DJ Premier ft. Rapsody – Shadows Crawl (Remix) [prod. by DJ Premier]
  17. Eternia ft. Phoenix Pagliacci – For This Life [prod. by A. Beck]
  18. John Reilly – Rabbit Hole [prod. by Rediculous]
  19. DJ Supa Dave ft. King Syze, John Jigg$ & Akrobatik – That Real Shit [prod. by DJ Supa Dave]
  20. Termanology – Count It [prod. by Buckwild]
  21. Reks – Gone Baby Gone [prod. by Large Professor]
  22. Reks – Liberation [prod. by Black Milk]
  23. Reks – Jump Shots [prod. by Buckwild]
  24. La Coka Nostra (DJ Lethal, Danny Boy, Slaine & ILL BILL) – Stay True [prod. by Statik Selektah]
  25. Slaine ft. Vinnie Paz, ILL BILL & Jared Evan – Legendary [prod. by The Arcitype]
  26. Czarface (Esoteric, Inspectah Deck & 7L) – All In Together Now [prod. by 7L & Todd Spadafore]
  27. Ab-Soul ft. Da$h – Huey Knew [prod. by Willie B]
  28. Trizz ft. Chuuwee – Break Bread [prod. by AC3 Beats]
  29. Pounds ft. WestSide Gunn & Clifton Haston – Tributes [prod. by Spittzwell]
  30. Apollo Brown & Skyzoo ft. WestSide Gunn & Conway – Basquiat on the Draw [prod. by Apollo Brown]
  31. Conway – Just Gangsta (No Mercy Version) [prod. by Mil of EFFISCIENZ]
  32. Inkredible N.E.S. ft. Conway – Drumz [prod. by Skitso]
  33. Jay Holly, Ca$aBlanca, Daniel Son & SmooVth – Iron [prod. by Giallo Point]
  34. Danny Brown – Tell Me What I Don’t Know [prod. by Paul White]
  35. CJ Fly – Now You Know [prod. by Matt Noble]
  36. Rocky Diamonds – Fourty Five [prod. by Sergio R.]
  37. Kweku Collins – Life Part 2 [prod. by Kweku Collins]
  38. Benjamin Earl Turner ft. Saba – Outro (Yell Pretty) [prod. by Owen]
  39. Thane ft. Mick Jenkins & Solei – Garden [prod. by Thane]
  40. Amir Obe – No Peace [prod. by NYLZ]
  41. Sleek ft. Lexus Russell – Fly Away [prod. by The Cratez]
  42. Locksmith ft. David Correy – Go There [prod. by Kent Jones]
  43. Action Bronson – Descendant of the Stars [prod. by Alchemist]
  44. Fabolous ft. Shake – To The Sky [prod. by Sonaro]
  45. Chedda Bang ft. Method Man – Off This [prod. by Chedda Bang]
  46. JR Writer – meet ZEUS [prod. by Criss Childs]
  47. Neef Buck ft. State Property (Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Oschino, Omillio Sparks & Young Chris) – Game of Thrones [prod. by Tryfe]
  48. Horseshoe Gang ft. KXNG Crooked, Sauce Tha Boss & Mad Man – Hood High [prod. by Pitchshifters]
  49. Young Noble ft. Deuce Deuce & – Turn Down [prod. by Crazy T]
  50. Young Noble ft. Hussein Fatal – Where Do We Go [prod. by Boss Devito]
Top-50 Mix Stream:

Guest Post: Twitter Tips for Artists Who Don't Really Use Twitter

Social media can be a bit overwhelming at times and it can be hard to keep up with considering you've got everyday life demanding your attention.  Not to mention the time it takes for you to make and market your music to pursue your dreams.  It's easy to gravitate to your favorite social media platform and let the others fall by the wayside until it's time to promote that new project or new show coming up.  Needless to say, it's a bit hard to get some traction on those tweets if you've been neglecting your audience until you need them. Here are some tips to stay moderately engaged and make the most you can from minimal use of the platform.


Take the time to fill out your bio. This space is limited to 160 characters, so be sure to use it wisely as well as creatively. Choose keywords that are relevant to your artistry so that people who come across your profile will know what your talents are and those that search for those keywords are able to find you. 

Bonus Tip: Just in case your avatar is still the egg, now is a great time to choose a photo that represents you & your brand if you want those who find your account to take you seriously.


Some users utilize third party platforms that unfollow people who aren't active. Tweeting or retweeting at least once a day will keep your profile active, preventing you from getting caught up in those filters and will hopefully help you maintain most of your following. It also helps you remain visible to your followers. If your schedule is so hectic that you can't find 1-2 minutes to hop on Twitter, make use of a social media management platform that will allow you to schedule tweets while you are away (i.e. Hootsuite, Buffer, Everypost, etc.).

Bonus Tip: If you begin a tweet with a username, it's only visible to that user and your mutual followers. If you want the tweet to be visible to everyone that follows you, begin the tweet with a word or symbol.


The 80/20 Rule for Twitter is a good rule of thumb to use for the content of your tweets. Only 20% of your tweets should be promotional. The other 80% should be a combination of sharing news about the industry, having conversations with your followers and letting people get to know the real you. This adds value to your tweets and gives people a reason to pay attention to you, making them more likely to listen when you tweet new music and show information.

Bonus Tip: If you use the social sync function of third-party apps (Facebook PagesReverbNationSoundcloud, etc) that automatically post to Twitter for you, be sure you are not tweeting the same information multiple times in a row due to automation. If the app tweeted your new song to your followers, there's no need to log in to Twitter and compose another tweet with the link. Repitition can cause your followers to tune you out.

These are just some of the basics to help you maintain your Twitter presence. If you want to dive deeper into and are looking to grow your audience, there are quite a few articles with advice on how to gain more followers. Check some out and find what works best for you. Have additional tips you've found beneficial? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

The Top 50 Hip Hop Songs of August (Submit Yours for September/October) Co-Owner, Journalist and Rap Artist AWKWORD Curates the Top 50 Hip Hop Songs of August (Free Stream via Audiomack)...

I scoured the depths of the Internets’ top music-hosting site, Audiomack, and I picked the best 50 songs from about 150 in consideration. I curated a streaming mix that spins smoothly right through — and not in order from best to worst. This month’s top-10 standouts are:
  1. The creative and comical yet socially conscious “Cam’ron Voice” from Uncle Murda, whose politicization I noted last month
  2. Two songs from SRFSCHL affiliate Danny Matos, whose LP with Rusty Mack and The Red Walrus produced a number of possible picks
  3. The triumphant return of Protest Music artist Lowkey of the UK
  4. Two flawless, jazzy and soulful collaborations between producer Apollo Brown and Skyzoo (who appears three times this month)
  5. The Hannibal King-blessed lead single from ‘Lightbulb Over My Head While I’m Thinking’ by Teck-Zilla and Kentucky’s Allen Poe
  6. Two (very different) appearances from Boston legend Akrobatik
  7. A posthumous classic from Sean Price, produced by the incredible DJ Skizz
  8. “Cops N Robbers” from Rhymefest, inspired by a harrowing personal story of being robbed at gunpoint and then treated like a criminal when reporting the crime to the Chicago Police Department
  9. MY summer anthem, “Summer Not Coming”, by SHIRT, who premiered the song live throughout NYC on a pickup truck with a big speaker in the back
  10. A song I just can’t get out of my head, “Plata O Plomo” by the City of Snow’s good-fella rapper Tone Atlas, featuring playlist regular Conway the Machine
Honorable Mention: With “NSFW”, Sa-Roc slays on behalf of women everywhere (she got the answers, Sway!)
  1. Uncle Murda – Cam’ron Voice [prod. by Teddy Da Don]
  2. Oowop The Don ft. AR-AB & Bobby Garcia – 2 Gunz Up [prod. by Stan Da Man]
  3. Troy Ave – Appreciate Me [prod. by Robbie NovaYankee Trilogy]
  4. Narcotechs [Dax of MPIRE Doza the Drumdealer] – Conquistadors [prod. by Doza the Drumdealer]
  5. Chase N. Cashe ft. Davy Boy – Big Bank Lil Bank [prod. by Chase N. Cashe]
  6. Action BronsonMark Ronson & Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys) – Standing in the Rain
  7. Luis Haze ft. JR Writer – Juice
  8. Kyle Lucas ft. Outasight – Golden God [prod. by 20syl]
  9. Hodgy Beats ft. Rarri – Bizness [prod. by The Beat Brigade]
  10. Phora – Came Up [prod. by Epik The Dawn]
  11. Chance – Dreaming [prod. by Ear2ThaBeat]
  12. Lanz Pierce – Secrets [prod. by Neenyo]
  13. Danny Matos ft. Samantha Leon – Bring Me [prod. by Rusty Mack & The Red Walrus]
  14. Danny Matos ft. Taylor – Too Soon [prod. by Rusty Mack & The Red Walrus]
  15. Fred The Godson ft. Dublin – Change [prod. by Diny Made That]
  16. Lowkey [UK] ft. Mai Khalil [UK] & DJ Face – Ahmed [prod. by Agent of Change(Watch the live performance, withKarim Kamar on keys, via Global Faction)
  17. Hakim Green – Lessons [prod. by DJ PuertoRoc]
  18. Maestro Fresh Wes ft. Saukrates – The Distance [prod. by Saukrates]
  19. Apollo Brown & Skyzoo ft. Patty Crash – One In The Same [prod. by Apollo Brown]
  20. Apollo Brown & Skyzoo ft. Joell Ortiz – A Couple Dollars [prod. by Apollo Brown]
  21. AWKWORD ft. Skyzoo & Rapper Big Pooh – Cruel Intentions (Remix) [prod. by Frank Drake]
  22. Bishop Lamont ft. Rapper Big Pooh, Focus…Wyann Vaughn & Ram Dass – Are You Ready [prod. by Focus…]
  23. Black Thought – Glitches (Remix) [prod. by Phoniks]
  24. Teck-Zilla (Canada) & Allen Poe ft. Hannibal King – Incandescent [prod. by Teck-Zilla]
  25. Modenine (Nigeria) ft. DJ Jimmy Jatt (Nigeria) – Insulin [prod. by Teck-Zilla]
  26. Nas Michael Kiwanuka – Rule The World (I Came From The City)
  27. Rhymefest ft. John The Author – Cops N Robbers [prod. by S1Epikh ProDamon Ranger & Xzibit]
  28. Mr. Green & Blacastan – Power [prod. by Mr. Green]
  29. Dom Pachino (of Killarmy) ft. Inspectah Deck – Red Dots [prod. by Bronze Nazareth]
  30. P. General (of Bankai Fam) – Bush Kept Secret [prod. by VS the Best]
  31. Shabaam Sahdeeq – Limitless [prod. by DJ Doom]
  32. L’Orange & Mr. Lif ft. Akrobatik Gonjasufi – Strange Technology [prod. by L’Orange]
  33. REKS ft. Akrobatik, Edo GTermanology & DJ Deadeye – Plane Gang [prod. by The Audible Doctor]
  34. Tha Addicts (DJ Menace & Bliz Balboa) ft. KXNG Crooked (fka Crooked I) – Bars Inc. [prod. by Freddie Bruno]
  35. Sa-Roc – NSFW (Not Safe For Weak Rappers)
  36. Chris Webby – Ash Ketchum [prod. by C-Lance]
  37. Sean Price (RIP) – Rap Professor [prod. by DJ Skizz]
  38. Nabo Rawk – Hell Yeah [prod. by Vic Grimes]
  39. SageInfinite – Space Out
  40. Little Vic ft. Critical Roc Marciano – I Want It [prod. by DJ Connect] (2012)
  41. Roc Marciano – All For It [prod. by The Alchemist]
  42. Rec Riddles – Pulpit Poems [prod. by Rec Riddles]
  43. Shaz Illyork ft. Rast – RFC (Ready For Combat) [prod. by Strange Neighbor]
  44. Narchotechs [MPire x Doza the Drumdealer] – New Day (Intro) [prod. Doza the Drumdealer]
  45. Daniel Son – Gold Clips [prod. by Giallo Point]
  46. Tone Atlas ft. Conway & Pedro Escobar – Plata O Plomo [prod. by Twist L’s]
  47. DJ Rude One ft. Conway – Andre Drummond [prod. by DJ Rude One]
  48. Hus Kingpin ft. JuneLyfe – Wave Palooza [prod. by Marco Polo]
  49. SHIRT – Summer Not Coming [prod. by Diagnostics]
  50. NameBrand– Summertime [prod. by OK MR HO]

To have your song considered for feature, follow these steps:

1. Upload your song to Audiomack.
2. Email the Audiomack link to AWKWORD.
3. Wait and see.

Shine Through feat. Cane and Mina Fedora ( Produced by Fakts One ) Second Single off #RIParadisePraverb Project

Whats going on everybody here is the official track listing to the very special and dear project we put together for our brother Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb the Wyse. Tell everybody you can about the project that will be released on vinyl with a pressing of 100 copies and all the money made on this project will go to Praverbs wife Vanessa and his son Matthew. We are also dropping the second single off the #RIParadisePraverb project Shine Through featuring Cane and Mina Fedora Produced by Fakts One. Spread the word and let everybody know. Here is the track listing:

First single off #RIParadisePraverb project. We all love and have a deep hearten respect for our brother Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb the Wyse who passed away 2 years ago on this day. Since that time we have come together to compile unreleased songs, and dedications to our brother with this special project that we hold so dear to our heart #RIParadisePraverb. For everything he was, is, and continue to be to all of us we unveil this first track off the project entitled, "A Little More" which is produced by Blastah Beatz from Portugal. This marks the beginning of the countdown to the release of this project which will be exclusively be released here as well as a limited edition vinyl pressing of 100 copies which pre orders will be available for the vinyl gearing for its release on November 11, 2016. All the money made from this single and project will go directly to Vanessa and Matthew McNease please support and let's make this project come into the forefront and have the legacy of not just Patrick's music but who he was as a man, friend, brother, husband and father resonate now and forever. We love and miss you Patrick this is for you and your family #RIParadisePraverb. as well as the preorders.
Cover Art Designed by: Mike "Gaits" McNease, Praverb's Brother



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