7 Types of Social Media Music Promoters - Which One Are You?

Social media has become a megaphone for the masses. As music artists and producers we recognize the value that it holds for getting our talent to the ears of people who will enjoy it.

Chances are, you’re connected with others in the industry and have witnessed the various tactics employed to get people to listen.

Some strategies work well for some people, while others...not so much.

Every artist is unique and has a unique fan base, therefore a variety of strategies tailored to your personality and those you are trying to reach is important.

No matter what your style is, make it work for you. Below I will point out 7 types of social media music promoters.

The Force Feeder
You fear being lost in the shuffle and want to guarantee that people see your newest release so you post and tweet, almost incessantly, to force your way into your friends and followers feeds.

Potential Upside: The likelihood of people noticing your music is higher.
Potential Downside: You may annoy people and cause them to hide, mute, unfollow or unfriend you, diminishing your reach.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Spread out your sharing a bit. Too much chatter makes it easy to be overlooked. Take advantage of commenting on likes, comments, retweets and shares at various times to keep your music visible but in a less commanding way.

The Name Dropper
You want to be certain that friends and followers take notice of the music that you want to share so you tag or mention them to make sure that they see it.

Potential Upside: They will see it and like, share or retweet it causing it to be visible to potential fans outside of your network.
Potential Downside: You may annoy people and cause them to become frustrated with your promotional tactics, creating resistance to future promotions.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Be thoughtful with your tags and mentions. Only tag people that you regularly interact with, have directly contributed to your work or have a specific interest in your music.

The Graffiti Artist
You have meticulously thought through who you want to know you have new music so you visit the timeline of each individual to post your links. You feel that they may enjoy it and will be delighted that you took the time to address them personally, therefore they will be more likely to listen and share.

Potential Upside: They may be glad you took the time to send it to them and be more likely to listen and share.
Potential Downside: They may not appreciate you posting your work on their timeline and hide or delete it, diminishing your reach.

How to Make the Most of this Method: Carefully select whose timeline you chose to share your music to. Pay attention to what they share and consider if your post would be something they would want people who visit their timeline to view.

The Attention Grabber
You believe you have a slightly more subtle approach. You watch for posts that may draw people that would have an interest in your endeavors and you share your information in the comments section.

Potential Upside: You may attract people to your link and gain new fans.
Potential Downside: You may annoy people, specifically the author of the original post and get your comment removed and/or be blocked.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Be considerate to the original “poster”. Create a dialog that warrants a reason for you to share your work. If that does not occur and it is not directly related, save it for another time.

The Inbox Intruder
You don’t want to be blatant with your advertising so you inbox your connections...a LOT...to make sure they are aware that you have music you want them to hear.

Potential Upside: This approach is a bit more personal than some of the alternatives and may make the receiver more likely to listen and share.
Potential Downside: Too many inbox messages may turn-off potential fans and cause them to ignore you.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Space out your messages. Generate conversation that is not self-serving to let the receiver know that you view them as a person, not just another view or play.

The Meek Mumbler
You’re afraid of annoying people. You’ve witnessed and possibly have been annoyed with all of the other tactics you’ve observed or been on the receiving end of, so you rarely post your music and when you do it is with an incredibly shy premise.

Potential Upside: People don’t see you post that often so they are more likely to engage with you when you do.
Potential Downside: People may be more likely to miss your posts, limiting your potential audience.

How to Make the Most of This Method: Plan a variety of posts that allow you to share information more frequently in a less redundant manner. Experiment with text, photos & videos to get more mileage out of the content you wish to share.

The Privileged Panhandler
You’ve worked hard to build a significant social network connection. People love what you do and so it’s only natural that they are waiting to hear what’s next from you. Instead of asking people to listen to your new music you tell them to, and you already know they’re going to like it so you tell them to share because it’s all a form of support.

Potential Upside: Your core fans may feel compelled to follow instructions and honor your decree.
Potential Downside: You may lose said support from fans who feel that you don’t recognize their time is valuable and that you believe they owe you something.

How to Make the Most of this Method: Confidence in your talent is great, but be cognizant of the fact that your fans have other things that demand their attention. Throw in a “please” as an acknowledgement that they could be doing other things with their time but you hope they choose to spend it with you.

So now that you've familiarized yourself with the various types of Social Media music promoters there are, which group would you say that you belong to?

It's important to recognize that there are pros and cons associated with each method, but as long as you take the time to build relationships with your audience, your style can provide the results you desire.

Keep in mind that just as you don't want to be viewed as "another artist" your fans don't want to be viewed as just "another consumer".

Initiating dialogue between you and your audience is the best way to lessen the effects of the cons commonly linked to various social media marketing strategies.

Have you noticed additional pros or cons with your promotion technique? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Ultimate Music Distribution Directory

Your music is your baby. You’ve worked hard, poured your heart and energy into it and now you’re ready to make it accessible to the world.

Your current fans as well as the pretty decent network of potential new fans you’ve built up are eager to hear the gem you’re ready to drop.

So now it’s time to switch gears for a moment. Have you considered the most cost-effective way to ensure your music reaches your desired audience the way that you want it to?

Many artists tend to focus on a few of the well known distributors (which is not a bad thing) but as with anything it is important to do your research, crunch the numbers and find out what will work best for you.

There are a variety of distributors you can select from to suit your specific needs. Take some time to weigh your options to maximize your results.

24 Hour Distribution
101 Distribution

Allegro/Nail Distribution
Altavoz Distribution
Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA)
AMPED Distribution
Artist eCard

Baseware Distribution
Believe Digital
BFM Digital
Big Fuss Records
Bonded Services

Catapult Distribution
CD Baby

Ditto Music

Emu Bands
eOne Distribution

Fat Beats Distribution
Finetunes Digital Media Services
Fontana North Distribution
Foundation Media
The Fuel Music

iHipHop Distribution
iMusician Digital
Independent Distribution Collective
The Indie Music Marketing & Consulting Group
Indigo Boom
IRIS Distribution

J Distribution
JTV Digital

KLM Distribution

LRT Entertainment

MDI Distribution

Music Kickup
MVD Entertainment Group
My Music Site

The Orchard

Plastic Head Music Distribution

Red Distribution
Redeye Distribution
Repel Music Distribution


SAS Management
SC Distribution
SPIT Digital
Sugo Music
Symphonic Distribution
Syntax Creative

Thirty Tigers
Tinderbox Music

Venzo Digital
Virtual Label


Zoho Music

Who Should We Add To This List?

Are there any distributors that should be included? Please share the link in the comment section below and we will add them to the list.

The Ultimate Female Emcee List

I am sorry.

I am sorry for not expanding on a previous post that I made about female emcees.

I went back and read comments from the post and noticed something.

I forgot to include a lot of uber talented female emcees.

Rap is a male dominated music genre. Females are misrepresented because of poor branding.

Sex appeal seems to be more important than rhyming skill.

Why I Created This List?

A blog post from The Smithsonian Magazine really caught my attention. The blog post stated that the number of female rappers signed to major labels dropped from 40 to 3.

Yes 3! 3 female rappers! It makes you wonder where did all the female rappers go.

Another blog post that I read talked about how female hip-hop committed suicide.

Check out this interesting viewpoint from Chakara:

Female hip hop committed suicide because labels agreed to unleash females with one common thing on their mind; selling sex. We sold out. We as a female race in hip hop sold out, at something that to do nothing but produce sexual desire for the male fanbase of hip hop. Why put all this time in effort into my actual lyrics when I can get a record deal from having a fat ass, freaky lyrics, and a pretty face? This became the common thought across the board in upcoming female artists.

Do you agree with this?

I know I do. The aforementioned blog posts provided me with the ammunition to compile a female emcee list.

I wanted to prove that female emcees are alive and kicking.

I wanted to prove that female emcees can hold their own with their male counterparts.

I grew up listening to Eve, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Amil, Missy Elliot, Charli Baltimore and other emcees that happened to be female.

I took the time to study the pioneers of hip-hop. To my surprise I was exposed to the talents of MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Roxanne Shante, Heather B, Monie Love and countless others.

I fell in love with Lauryn Hill. Her performance on The Score sold me. I fell in love with Bahamadia. I fell in love with Apani B Fly. I fell in love with Elsie from New Breed.

I fell in love with Lady of Rage and her gangster steez. I fell in love with Mia X during my No Limit phase haha.

I fell in love with Left Eye (Rest in Peace Queen). I fell in love with Missy Elliot.

Female emcees rock! (Tweet This)

The list goes on and on. I fell in love with their skill not their sexuality! I fell in love with their personality as well.

Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop at the end of the day.

The Resources I Used for This List

I used multiple resources to compile this list.

The resources cut down my research time immensely.

I went through all the links that the were provided and updated them with current links (if I could find them).

I also reached out to my I Live Hip Hop Facebook fam and they provided a lot of names as well. Shout out to The Fembassy and Hip Hop Sisters for what you do.

Below you will find an alphabetized directory (or list) of female emcees. This list contains artists that you may know and some that you do not know. This list consists of international and domestic emcees. This list consists of veteran and new emcees.

Please share this post. Share it with the artists on this list. Share it with artists that should be on this list. The goal is to keep adding to this list. This list proves that Females can spit and deserve more attention.

The Ultimate Female Emcee List

3D Na'Tee
40 B.A.R.R.S
5 Footaz

Adrift Da Belle
Aggi Saint James
A. Harmony
Aima the Dreamer
Aina Morè
Aisha Sekhmet
Akua Naru
Alexa Faye
Alyssa Marie
Amanda Seales
Amara Reign
Ami Miller
Amour Means Love
Amy Kickz
Amy J
Anastasia Strangelove
Angie Martinez
Ana Tijoux
Ang 13
Angel Haze
Anjuli Stars
Arianna Puello
Artiste Monique
Asia Sparks
Audra The Rapper
Audrey iLLMIND
Aurélie Djee
Aya aka PANDA
Ayana Soyini
Azealia Banks
Azarel Star

Baby Blue
Bailee Moore
B Angie B
BDot Lee
Bebe O'Hare
Bebe Riz
Becky G.
Bella Gotti fka Nolay
Be One
Black Frost
Bless Roxwell
Boog Brown
Bonnie Godiva
Brianna Perry
Brooke Candy
Burni Aman
Butta P.
The Buttress

Canary Sing
Carmen Amare
Ca$h Shay
Cassius the 5th
Chanel West Coast
Chanz Taylor
Charity Clay
Charli Baltimore
Chella H
Chelsea Reject
Chey Lanay
Chyna Whyte
Cierra Rose
Cindy Rulz
Cinea Deas
Class A
Cleva Thoughts
CL the Baddest Female
CoCc Pistol Cree
Cocoa Bella
Coco Peila
Conscious Daughters

Da Brat
D. Dove
Daughter of Zion
Divine MC
Dominique Larue
Dominique Young Unique
Dona Lisa
Dotty (A. Dot)
Dutchess aka Mz. Trappa
Dutch ReBelle

Emily Anne
Emily Yasko
Enjoli Lema
Erica Kane
Erica Danea
Erica Mason
Eva Alordiah

Farrah Burns
Famatta Entreeg
Fawksie 1
Flo Kennedy
FM Supreme
Foxy Brown
Free (Free from 106 & Park!)

Gabbie Giftsz
Gangsta Boo
Gani & Liry
Genesis Be
Gia Medley
Gin Dutch
God-Des and She
Goddess Alchemy Project
Gotti Monroe

Heather B
HeeSun Lee
Hillary Jane
Honey Cocaine
Hurricane G

Iggy Azalea
ILL Camille
Illfamed (Mala Fama)
Isis The Saviour

Jade Denton
Jade H
Jenny Robinson
Jane Doe
Jass Bianchi
Jay Mills
Jayy Lee
Jaz Kahina
Jaz the Rapper
Jean Grae
Jessica Anbara
Jet Futuristic
Jezzy P
Jha Jha
Josie Stingray
J Roz
Julie C.

Kalae All Day
Kanary Diamonds
Kandi Cole
Karona Knoxx
Katrina Pascal
Kayla Starks
Kay Young
Keisha K
Kellee Maize
Keny Arkana
Keysha Freshh
Kim Pratt fka Kiwi
Kitty Pryde
K'la the Lyricist
Kool Krys
Krudas Cubensi

Lady Cat
Lady Leshurr
Lady Moet Beast
Lady Paradox
La Bruja
Lady ASG
Ladybug Mecca
Lady Cam
Lady D
Lady Dahlia
Lady E
Lady Eagle 8
Lady Emcee
Lady Essence
Lady Ganja
Lady Luck
Lady L.U.S.T.
Lady of Rage
Lady Remedy
Lady Repo
Lady Sovereign
Lady T
Lady Wu-Tang
Lah Tere
La Melodia
Lana Lyric
Last Donna
Lauren Charde'
Lauryn Hill
Leah Beabout
Lee Mazin
Lena Stoehrfaktor
Letia Larok
LG (Team Genius)
Light Da Flow Minista
Likwuid Stylez
Lil Debbie
Lil Kim
Lil' London
Lil Mama
Lil Myn-illy
Lil Stiggar
Lioness aka Lady Sphinx
Lin Que
Little Simz
Lola Bunz
Lola Monroe
Loop Loona
Lyrical Candy
Lyric Da Queen
Lyric Jones
Lyric Michelle
Lyrick The Artist

Ma Barker
Madame Wu
Madd Mary
Mae Day
Mahogany Jones
Mala Rodriguez
Maliibu Miitch
Mama Sol
Maria Isa
Masia One
MC Angel
MC Lyte
MC Melodee
MC Smooth
MC Trouble (R.I.P.)
Medinah Starr
Megz Kelli
Melina Jones
Melissa Czarnik
Melissa Melodee
Mia X
Mik Brown
Miki Vale
Milly Mango
Miloh Smith
Miranda Writes
Miss Ale
Miss Bri
Miss Chiff
Miss J
Miss Nana
Miss Nthabi
Miss Nyrie
Miss Red
Missy Elliot
Missy Maira
Miz Korona
Miz Marvel
Miz Streetz
Ms K.O
Moanie Moe
Monie Love
Ms. Fit
Ms Lady Kayne
Ms Tempz
Muma Doesa
Mutha Tung
Mz Bratt
Mz Epiphany
Mz Sasha
Mz. Tai

Nadirah X
Narubi Selah
Nasia Dee
Natalie Lauren fka Suzy Rock
Neb Luv
Nejma Shea
Newsense of Psycho Drama
Nicki Minaj
Nikki Lynette
Nikki Rozz
Nina Beretta
Nina Foxx
Nina Tha Queen
Nique LoveRhodes
Nitty Scott MC
Njeri Earth
NoName Gypsy
Nova Rockafeller
NuNu YoungCeleb
Nya Nyemiah Supreme

Oh Blimey
Outspoken the Emcee

Paigey Cakey
Paloma Finesse
Paria B
Pariz 1
Paula Perry
Penelope Dolla$
Phara Funeral
Phoenix Flame
Phoenix Pagliacci
Plane Jane
Pocah the Rebel
Poetic Ambience
Poetic Pilgrimage
Pozzie Mazerati
Pretty Lyon
Princess Aniès
Princess Leah
Pri The Honeydark
Psalm One

QB Black Diamond
Queen Deelah
Queen Diva
Queen Heroine
Queen Latifah
Queen Mother Rage
Queen of Expressions
Queen Pen
Queen The Prophet
The Queen Won Myke

Rabia Rivera
Rachael Messini
Rae Dinero
Rah Digga
Raven Sorvino
Rawality Thy Soldieress
The Real Roxanne
Rebeca Lane
Red Shaydez
Reece Headspeth
Reema Major
Rell Rock
Remy Ma
Rene Brown
Reverie Love
Rha Goddess
Rita J
Rocky Rivera
Rockz Solid
Rogue Dynamo
Rogue Venom
Rosa Ana
Roxanne Shante
Ruby Ibarra
Ruby Yo!
Rudegal Rebel
Runway Bella

Sadie Hawkins
Salt N Pepa
Sammy G
Sara Kana
Sasha Go Hard
Sasha Renee
Schizo SoulCool
Sheila D Yeah
Sharaya J
Shawty Bre
Shay D
She Gotti
SistaHailstorm aka SHE_RAW FLOWZ
Sistah Nais
Skarlit Rose
Skylar Dreams
Snow Tha Product
Solachi Voz
Sonja Blade
Soom T
Soosan Firooz
Speech Debelle
Stacy Epps
Steph Mills
Sticks C.L.A.
Suga T
Suni MF Solomon
Sweet Tee

Talk Chickens
Tamara Bubble
Tange Lomax
Tara Chase
Tarica June
Tasha (T)
Taya Jae
Teri "Lyric" Green
Tese Fever
T-Fly of Mindz Of A Different Kind
The Lioness
Tia London
Tia Stewart
Tierra Whack
Tiffany Foxx
Tiff The Gift
Tish Jones
Tiye Phoenix
Toni Blackman
Top Dime
The Silent Celeb
Ty Black


Vally Vicious
Vel the Wonder
Vicious Cycle
Vida Killz
Voice A True Go Getta

Whitney Peyton


Yarah Bravo
Yejide the Night Queen aka Mama Wize
Yolandi Visser
Yoon Mi-Rae
Your Highness The MC
Yugen Blakrok

Zane One

Who Would You Add To This List?

Putting together a post like this is very time consuming. I am human, I make mistakes.

Talented emcees will be left off this list. Not because of skill but because of obscurity. I am not knowledgeable of every female emcee in the world.

I want to compile the greatest female emcee list ever. But I can't do it without your help.

My mind is not as sharp as it once was and my music discovery time has been reduced significantly.

Raising and chasing a 16 month old has replaced the little music discovery time that I had haha.

This is where you come in. Your memory is sharp, your recollection of the past is on point. You listen to music on a consistent basis.

Educate me. Point out glaring omissions. Inform me about the up and coming talent in your region.

Please answer these two questions for me:

Who would you add to this list?
Who is your favorite female emcee of all-time?

Comments are welcome. Suggestions are welcome. Opinions are welcome.

Music Marketing Question: What Do You Struggle With?

Are you struggling to market your music? Are you finding it difficult to find fans that identify with your brand?

Trust me I have been there. It is the main reason why I stopped rapping. I felt like I was treading water. I felt like my feet were stuck in cement blocks.

I knew that I had to expand my knowledge on music marketing. I made a vow to never release an album again that was poorly marketed.

This desire helped me find my niche. My niche revolves around helping you achieve your goals.

I miss rapping yet I truly feel like I could provide valuable content for those that struggle with marketing their music.

I do this for the artists that are truly frustrated. I do this for the artists that did not have a budget. I do this for the artists without connections. I do this for the artists that are intimidated by using social media.

I gravitated towards helping others because obscurity sucks. We put so much time, energy, emotion into our music and we just want it to be heard.

It is depressing to put 110% into something and receive little attention.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read the content that I provide. I want to thank you for the Retweets, the Likes, the +1's, the Shares and most importantly the comments. I have a confession though.

I haven't asked you about your problems. I haven't answered questions for you, my audience.

Hopefully you can forgive me for my selfish tendecies and take the time to highlight your struggles in regards to marketing your music.

I would love if you share this blog post with other recording artists. I want to know what you struggle with. This information will help me write to YOUR needs in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration.

What do you struggle with the most in regards to marketing your music?

Comments are welcomed and appreciated (I will respond to every comment that you leave).

Musicians Stop Neglecting Google Plus!

Are you using Google Plus to market your music? Do you understand how to use it?

Don't worry a lot of recording artists do not use this Social Media platform.

You may not have the time to learn how to use another social media platform. The layout may confuse you. You might not understand the benefits of Google Plus.

The reality for a lot of recording artists is that utilizing social media is very time consuming.

Engagement has been pounded into our minds. We have been told that we need to tweet, post on Facebook, share content on Instagram, post new material on streaming sites and record videos.

The process of promoting our music is more stressful than recording the music (Tweet This).

Where do we find the time to learn how to use another Social Media platform? Where do we find the time to record new music?

I, like you, was very skeptical about Google Plus in the beginning. I thought that it was poorly designed and inferior to Twitter and Facebook.

You may have read that Google Plus is a ghost town or that it sucks.

At the conclusion of this article I guarantee that you won't be skeptical about joining Google Plus. Shortly I will address Why You Should Stop Neglecting Google Plus.

Google Plus is the Second Largest Social Networking site in the World

Google Plus is the second largest social networking site in the world. It sits right below Facebook and ahead of Twitter and YouTube. Let me repeat this once again. It is the second largest social networking site in the world!

The Communities are Awesome

One of the staples of Google Plus are the personalized communities. These communities are awesome because your niche audience is already there. You just have to share quality content. I will share some communities that you should join now! It is easy to find communities all you have to do is go here.

HINT: Type in Music in the search field, you will thank me. Also, take the time to respond to other artists and their music. Provide some insight to help them perfect their craft.

You Can Create Your Own Circles

The ability to create your own circles is awesome. It is like having a Twitter List on Google Plus.

You can get creative with this and place fans into certain circles. You can even name the circles and share content exclusively with that particular circle.

You can always encourage these fans to share your content on Google+.

HINT: This post by Dustin Stout will help you create the perfect Google Plus post. I have used it before and it really works (Evidence).

Google Hangouts (Visual Storytelling)

Google Hangouts is by far the easiest way to connect with your fans and increase your visibility. Google Hangouts can be used for visual storytelling.

You can use Google Hangouts to share expertise.

You can also utilize Google Hangouts to answer questions from YOUR fans.

There are so many things you can do to connect with YOUR fans via Google Plus. You could premier a new song, hold an interactive Q&A, stream a live concert, invite fans to watch you practice for shows, pick contest winners, record personalized birthday songs and much more.

All you need to get started is a computer with a webcam or a smartphone. So start Hanging Out today!

HINT: You can always share your Hangouts via your Google Plus channel and your Youtube channel.

I know you are tired of new social networks popping up out of nowhere. You haven't even mastered Twitter or Facebook.

I just want you to do something very simple.

Just take the time to create an account and just browse through the communities, that is it!

Observe how others are using Google Plus. If you feel like you like the layout and the interactive potential then add it.

If you do not like it delete it.

Remember that Google Plus gives you the opportunity to flex your creativity.

Additionally, utilizing Google Hangouts can help you build your YouTube subscribers and put you in front of your fans.

Give it a shot.

Circle me on Google+ if you do decide to add it and I will teach you the ropes.

What is stopping YOU from embracing the power of Google Plus? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

5 Ways Recording Artists Can Use Smartphones to Reach Their Audience

Do you have a smartphone? Are you using your smartphone to stay engaged with your audience?

Technology has advanced at an alarming rate.

When I was younger, I wanted a beeper. When I got older, I craved a flip phone.

Do you remember beepers?

Today, you will find me with my iPhone. I use it for everything. Writing blog posts, writing rhymes, tweeting, Facebook, etc.

You can leverage technology and use it to your advantage.

I created this post to empower you to think outside the box. I want you to use your creativity to win the hearts of your fans.

You don't need an expensive DSLR to engage with your fans. You have to stop using this as an excuse.

A lack of resources should never be a barrier to connecting with your fans. Think about your fans.

Think about cultivating long lasting relationships. The information in this post will help you extend the reach of your posts on Facebook. This information will help you stay visible on YouTube.

This information will give you the power to personalize your tweets as well.

Below I have provided 5 Ways Recordings Artists Can Use Smartphones to Reach Their Audience.

1). Create Customized Videos for Your Fans

Why This Works: You are building a relationship with your fans that extends beyond a song. Cater to your fans, thank them for taking the time to listen or purchase your material.

People love to feel appreciated and this technique works. This technique also gives you the opportunity to let your guard down and talk about your life. Be Vulnerable! Be Transparent!

2). Take Pictures With Your Fans

Why This Works: You are building trust with this idea. You are giving your fans something that lasts a lifetime, a picture.

3). Share Studio Footage

Why This Works: This idea works because you are inviting fans into your world. You are giving them behind the scenes footage of the creative process. Your fans will appreciate this.

4). Share Your Talent With Your Fans

Why This Works: This idea works well if you pay attention to your audience. Ask your fanbase for ideas, gather the ideas and record videos.

You can ask your fanbase for topics, words, etc. Do an impromptu freestyle with topics from your fans.

Do a guitar solo or make a beat on the spot.

This idea also gives you a chance to share your talents OUTSIDE of your niche. If you are a talented chef, share cooking content with your fans. If you are an accomplished dancer, share your best dance moves.

You can also provide tips and offer feedback to other artists that look up to you. The possibilities are endless.

The goal is to cater to your fans and give them a reason to remain your fan.

5). Personalized Birthday Songs

Why This Works: Okay, people love to feel special on their day of birth. This idea gives you the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment with them. Refer to Idea 4 and really create some creative videos.

Be creative. Be caring. Be strong.

Your fans really matter. You can use free resources to stay engaged with your fanbase.

Remember that your smartphone is more than a device that you talk or text with. Stay engaged with your fans.

Stop letting Social Media conquer you, conquer Social Media (Tweet this Quote).

Have you tried to engage with your audience using your smartphone? What has the response been like? Please share in the comments.

How Detailed Subject Lines Increases The Success Of Your Music Blog Submissions

I remember starting my recording journey 12 years ago.

I recorded in my parent's house and I built a make shift studio that consisted of a mattress pad, an old Dell computer and a Shure SM58.

I remember the feelings associated with completing a song. I remember using Cool Edit and thinking that Peter Quistgard was a God.

Did you use Cool Edit?

I wanted to share everything that I recorded with my family and friends.

That excitement led me to post music online at Mp3.com and SoundClick. I thought I had truly made it!

As time progressed I started to get bored with the same routine. Record, upload to mp3.com and wait for people to check out my music.

Back then I did not care about shares or plays, I just focused on getting my content online.

Boredom set in and I accidentally found Rapmusic.com one day and I finally found a place that catered to my interests.

But at the end of the day I still wanted more...

My Introduction to Music Blogs

A few years went by and I started to grow tired of the same routine. I decided to conduct a Google Search one day hoping to find places that accepted music submissions.

Luckily I was exposed to Hip Hop Infinity, 2Dopeboyz, RockTheDub and other sites. I decided to overcome my fear and submit to these music blogs.

This was the beginning of my music blog journey. I started submitting my music to Hip-Hop Blogs and the rest is history.

Over the years I have experimented and failed. I have spammed inboxes. I have burnt bridges by running my mouth when blogs did not post my music. The lack of wisdom resulted in bad email etiquette.

Do you remember your first email submission?

Today I have a solid understanding. I now understand the importance of building relationships and how to craft email submissions that garner attention. I've learned how to use detailed subject lines that garner blog coverage and exposure.

My Secret Formula: Detailed Subject Lines

If you want a blog to feature your music you have to get their attention first. If you want to book a show, you have to capture the promoter's attention.

I learned this the hard way, detailed subject lines are very important.

What is a detailed subject line you ask? A detailed subject line describes the content within the email body.

If you have submitted music before then you might be familiar with this formula: Music Submission: [Artist Name] - [Title of the Song (produced by. X)]

The formula above works but it does not give the recipient all the details about what's inside the email. Bloggers know this is a music submission but what is the song about?

The formula above is used by everybody, the point of this post is to help you think outside the box and stand out.

Subject Line Examples

This information and blog post is useless without examples right?

I have provided some ideas to spice up your music submissions. I will use Supastition's recent release Honest Living to .

✔ Supastition releases introspective album 'Honest Living'
✔ Supastition Delivers a Mature Perspective on 'Honest Living'

Which one do you like better?

Why This Works: The simplicity makes it work. The recipient is informed about the artist, the mood of the project and the name of the project. This subject line also delivers a promise (introspective album for the first example and mature perspective for the second example).

✔ Supastition premiers first video from 'Honest Living'

Why This Works: Another simple format. The recipient is informed about the artists, the video and the name of the project. This subject line is also incomplete. When I read this subject line it intrigues me. I know that Supastition's project has 10 songs on it yet the email doesn't specify which song.

✔ NC Native, Supastition teams up with German Beatmaker, Croup for 'Honest Living'

Why This Works: This formula works because of location. You have to remember that music bloggers are not fixed to one location. You have domestic bloggers and international bloggers. Location breeds commonality.

✔ NC Native, Supastition is embarking on 20 City Promotional Tour. Would Love to Perform In Your City.

Why This Works: This subject line works because it is promoter centered. Location is provided as well.

These are just a few examples of detailed subject lines (simple ones at that).

You can keep your pitch simple or your can construct a complex pitch (an informed pitch would be the best though).

The first step in getting noticed is building a relationship. Refrain from submitting music until you have researched what blogs you would like to be featured on.

Focus on crafting subject lines that people want to read. You don't have to follow these 100%. I just want you to think of ways that you can stand out from your competition (other artists).

Why detailed subject lines work?

  • They are descriptive.
  • They help you stand out.
  • They can be personal.
  • They highlight your music.
Additional Resources That Will Improve Your Subject Line Crafting Ability

Here are some additional resources that will improve your subject line writing ability. You can thank me later haha.

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Understand that your email subject line is similar to a blog headline or Newspaper headline. I added some additional resources related to headline writing for musicians that blog consistently.

If you frequent this blog you will notice that I use a lot of list posts (thank you Copyblogger). Recently I have been enamored by the work of Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, James Clear and Henneke Duistermaat. So expect less list posts.

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You will achieve great things. Your music will receive the proper coverage it deserves.

I need to be honest with you. A lot of artists record good music. A lot of artists have connections that may speed up the submission process. But you are creative. You are truly a star.

Note: Your music is still your best marketing tool. Keep crafting good music. The ability to get others excited about your music is a skill in itself.

If you feel like writing detailed subject lines is too hard, consider hiring a publicist.

Continue to educate yourself and if you have any questions please email me.

Have you had success with your music submissions? Do you utilize detailed subject lines? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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