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New review for Center of Attention provided by Sean Deez of This is Hip Hop fame...

“Praverb speaks on reality every time he is in presence of a microphone.” These are the words I read in the media package that contained the album by Praverb, Center of Attention. His pride in speaking about what is right in front of our eyes but not seen by everyone is apparent throughout the subject matter on the album. Unlike most emcees these days, there is something extraordinarily special about Praverb and that is his ability to sound very well spoken, educated, intellectual and legit. Even though this is only his second release, the religiously based lyricist out of Virginia brings an interesting flavor to the hip hop game.

What I love about this album is that it is just over a half-hour, there is no filler and I couldn’t be happier. Speaking of filler, Praverb The Wyse, does not curse: “I’ll be the first rapper played without a radio edit”, so expect nothing but straight rhymes from beginning to end. Because it is a short album, there is very little...

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A special thank you is dedicated to Sean Deez, Kevin Nottingham, Domination Recordings and all those involved with the project.

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The WEST is back...

The West Coast is re-emerging once again thanks to the talented lyricism being displayed. Artists such as Blu, Pacific Division, and Shawn Jackson are ushering in a new era of emcee. I have always been a fan of the Left Coast because of people like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Too Short, NWA, Ice Cube, C-Bo, E-40, Luniz, Yukmouth, and more. I guess you can say I was influenced by the gangsta rap that dominated the 80's and mid 90's. As time progressed I was introduced to Ras Kass, who happens to be one of my favorite rhyme spitters. I would listen to his material via cd player or Walkman and constantly hit the rewind button. I was also exposed to other emcees during this time, most notably Crooked I, Encore, Hieroglyphics, Planet Asia, Rasco, Dilated Peoples, Xzibit, Kurupt, WC, Mack 10, B Real, and more. These artists provided a base or foundation for where I am today and why I respect the culture as a whole. Who would have imagined that a west coast emcee would drop a freestyle every week for a year (Crooked), or that an unknown emcee would surprise folks with a stellar release (Blu). I believe that hip-hop will continue to evolve and balance will be restored, remember that we are all individuals and we have the power to not be forcefed material.


Bishop Lamont
Crooked I
Ras Kass
Blue Scholars
Common Market
Pacific Division (get that Sealed For Freshness Mixtape)
Custom Made
Surreal (relocated to California, originally from Florida)
Kero One
Shawn Jackson
Planet Asia
Dilated Peoples
Sly Boogy
The Game
Glasses Malone
Commoners and Kings
Self Scientific
Zion I
Likwit Crew
The Liks
Strong Arm Steady

sheesh I can keep on going forever and ever...the point is that the WEST is back, please forgive me if I have left notables off...IT IS LATE HAHA!!!
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New Track - The King

Hello everybody...welcome to my blog site where I will keep your updated with the latest and the greatest or basically the trials and times of a lyricist. I would like to thank smokeYYY for making this a reality, we talked about the conception of a blog for the longest now that idea is brought to life. Shout out to everybody that I work with and everyone down for the cause, we shall overcome.

Today I will hit you with an exclusive track that I recorded yesterday called The King, the track is produced by The Admiral and cuts are supplied by Teddy Roxpin.

Praverb - The King (prod. by the Admiral)

Praverb "Center of Attention" now available!

Emcees are a dime a dozen these days, but Praverb continues to amaze fans with his lyrics. The depths of his lyrics exude reality, a trait that Praverb finds valuable. "There are a lot of people rambling about nothing nowadays; I speak on real things, everyday struggles." Praverb speaks on reality every time he is in presence of a microphone. Making his Domination Recordings debut with "Center of Attention"; is sure to be a breath of fresh air. "Center of Attention" features production from Cold Legistics, Destro, Streetwize, Teddy Roxpin, The Agonist, Frelarmi and DJ Keor.

1. Perfect Intro
2. Back in the Days
3. Dead 2 Sin
4. Freedom to Prevail
5. Rain
6. I Grind, You Grind feat. Trinidad
7. Tatianna
8. You Know Me
9. Time is Ticking
10. Represent
11. Ordinary Day
12. Trading Places

Available online at:
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- EMusic
- Rhapsody

Free Download: "Center of Attention" album sampler MP3

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