100 Marketing Masterminds That Every Musician Should Follow On Twitter

Musicians nowadays have to understand the power of marketing in regards to sharing their music. The industry is constantly changing.

Artists did not have to worry about marketing in the past. They just released the music and let the record label do all the work. The label set up the shows, the label dictated the image for the artist via Artist Development, the label shelled out money for video and more.

Artists today are not afforded that luxury. They have to develop a DIY attitude to build relationships with their fans.

Artists need to understand the power of marketing. Where do artists start? In order to understand marketing you have to study marketing.

Below you will find a comprehensive list post of Marketing Masterminds that you should be following on Twitter. Twitter is awesome because of the 140 character limit. These Marketing Masterminds tweet valuable content! I utilized my Music Industry Giants and Source of Information Twitter Lists to compile this list.

The list post will contain influential bloggers, music marketers, marketers, marketing companies, A & R's, record label owners and more. Check out the list post below.

9th Wonder

Aaron Lee
Andrew Apanov [Dotted Music]
Ann Handley [Marketing Profs]
Ann Tran
Anyextee [Amalgam Digital]
Ariel Hyatt [Cyber PR]

Bedlam the Showoff
Big 7 [NiMarketing]
Bob42jh [Cult Classic Records]
Bob Baker
Bob Lefsetz
Breezy B. [Exclusive Public]
Brian Clark [Copyblogger]
Brian Garrett [Future Star Music Group]
Brian Thompson [Thorny Bleeder]

Candice Nicole [Candice Nicole PR]
Chad Horton [Rapzilla]
Chris Robley [CD Baby]
Chris Rockett
Chris Seth Jackson [How To Run A Band]
Chris Voss
Chris Yates
Corbett Barr [Think Traffic]
Culture VI

Danger Dan [Mindfeederz]
Daniel Aguayo [Digipendent]
Daniel Rothamel [Two Plus Media]
Dan Zarrella
Darren Rowse [Problogger]
David Hooper
David Meerman Scott
David Roads
David Sherbow
Debra Russell [Artist's Edge]
Dj Booth
Dj Infamous
Dj Pain 1
Dozi [Get Go Productions]
Dru Ha [Duck Down Music]

Edmund S. Lee
Eric Alper
Eric Smith

Francisco Rosales [Socialmouths]
Frenchie Boi

Greg Calloway
Greg Rollett
Guy Kawasaki

Hendrik [The Positivity Blog]
Hip Hop Facts
Hip Hop Golden Age
Hubert Sawyers III


Jaden Social
Jamal Edwards [SB.TV]
James Blute
Jay Baer [Convince & Convert]
Jeff Bullas
Jeff Sheehan
Jesse Jess
Jessica Northey
Jim Tobin
Joelle Park
John Chow
John Oszajca
John Paul Aguiar
Jonathon Taylor [Yancey Media Group]
Jon Morrow [Copyblogger]
Josh Niemyjski [Sphere of Hip Hop]

Karen Yankovich
Kay Crawford [Media Monsterz]
Ken Mueller [Inkling Media]
Kevin AnR Shine [The F.I.R.M.]
Kim Garst

Laura Christianson [Blogging Bistro]
Lilach Bullock [Socialable]
Lisa Davis

Mack Collier
Madalyn Sklar [GoGirlsMusic]
Mahendra Yadav
Maria Myraine [The MC Media Group]
Mario Mendoza
Mari Smith
Matt Whitlock [DroptheR]
Michael Brandvold
Michael Chibuzor
Michael Hyatt
Michael Tolle [Mello Music Group]
Michele Weisman
Michelle Galas [Groov'EarthRecords]
Music Marketing World

Nick Zaher [MOSologist]

Pam Moore
Paul Porter [Rap Rehab]
Philip Rood [Rapzilla]

Quinelle Holder [The Fader]

Real Robinson IV [SoulBound Records]
Russell Simmons [Global Grind]

Sandi Krakowski
Sarah J
Sarah Mitchell
Seth Godin
Shake [2DopeBoyz]
Shawn Carter [Roc Nation]
Skid [SkidsRow]
Social Media Examiner
Solveig Whittle
Stanford Smith [Pushing Social]
Steve Wildeman

Tony Guidry
Troy Edwards [3HP Records]

Wendy Day [Rap Coalition]
Wes Davenport

Thank you for taking the time to read this list post. I created this list post because a lot of aforementioned Marketing Masterminds inspired me to focus more on marketing and pursue an MBA. Business Blogs are packed with information!

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8 Fundamental Rules for Creating the Perfect Music Submission

As an artist you have to understand the value of music blogs. Hip-hop blogs (and other genre specific blogs) provide you with the opportunity to reach more people. Being featured on these blogs is easier than you think. Some blogs have strict music submission guidelines.

Music submissions are a part of the game. Tweeting your links to these bloggers will hurt you because you are not establishing a relationship. A relationship is built via EMAIL or on the phone. Below I will share 8 fundamental rules that will enhance the music submission process for you. These tactics can be used for blogs or online radio.

1. Maximize the To Field

Make sure you send your music to the right person by maximizing the To Field. If you are sending music to multiple people make sure you use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).

The To Field should contain one email address (preferably of the person that you are trying to get in contact with).

2. Your Subject Line is very important

The subject line that you craft should be specific and let the recipient know what the email will be about. Some sites require you to use "Music Submission" or "Video Submission" (Check the site to find out the guidelines). I would suggest writing a Subject Line that stands out. For example, you could write: Artist X crafts a song dedicated to 9/11 Survivors. You can also take it one step further and actually use the blog's name in the Subject Line: Submission for Rapzilla: Artist X - Lean on Me.

You want to be specific and provide something that will be interesting for the recipient. Remember that bloggers check their email constantly and they usually scan for good content. STAND OUT!

3. Brevity within the Body

Nobody has time to read a novel. Stop writing your whole life story and get to the details. Shorter emails work!

DO NOT talk about other sites that you have been featured on. Keep your pitch under 5 sentences. Focus on the details of your song. Get to the main point.

DO NOT include a bio unless the blogger asks for your bio. If they are interested they will contact you for more info or they will Google you.

Praverb Tip: The first two sentences of your email should be about the blog or website that you are submitting to.

4. Address the Right Blogger

Really! Take the time to address the blogger by the correct name. Address a blogger by the wrong name and find your email in the recycle bin.

5. Include Streamable Links

Nobody has time for your attachments haha. Include a Streamable Link within the body of your email. Think SoundCloud, Bandcamp, AudioMack, etc. DO NOT use Yousendit, Sendspace, or Mediafire links when you submitting your music. Bloggers want to preview the music that is being submitted to them.

Online Radio is a tad different. Some radio personnel may REQUEST a high quality mp3. You should ask this question within the body of the email.

6. Include Artwork

Make sure you include the single artwork or album artwork. If you use Gmail you can use the Insert Photos option. This option to have the artwork included within the body of the email.

DO NOT attach artwork. You know how people are about viruses haha.

7. Include your Signature

Make sure you include your contact information in the signature of your email. Include your Twitter username, Facebook Fan Page and email address in your email.

8. Proofread!

This is probably the most important step. Make sure you proofread your submission. Make sure you take the time to read your submission out loud. Then press SEND!

Hopefully the rules above help you craft that perfect music submission. This article will also help you out: 5 Tips for Getting More Blog Coverage.

Other Great Resources

6 Steps to Sending the Perfect Demo Submission
My perfect demo submission
Four Ways to Avoid Music Submission Mistakes
Love, Dad: SYFFAL Music Submission Suggestions
How to Craft An Effective Email in 15 Minutes or Less
The 4 Words That Will Get Your Email Opened

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3 Tips to Help Musicians Bounce Back from Rejection

In a tough industry like the music industry where there is a lot of competition, new-comers and high expectations, some of you might have experienced rejection. Rejection is apart of the game, the key is how you bounce back from being rejected.

The World English Dictionary suggests that when you reject something you refuse to accept, acknowledge, use, believe, etc. Here is the reality, If you are a recording artist you will deal with rejection.

But no worries, it’s not the end of the world. I know getting rejected feels horrible. I am going to teach you 3 tips to deal with it, and not only overcome it but use the rejection to your advantage in becoming a better, more mature artist.

But first, I want you to realize that these techniques will work even if you are talented or not. If you are talented and you succeed in getting over rejection you will eventually have success in your music career.

Reflect on your current situation while you read this tips.

Prove that you can deal with rejection

Now what I am NOT saying here is "Get rejected". Not at all.

When this happens, when you present your work and you know it is top class but somebody doesn’t appreciate it, don’t get all hyped up about it, instead stop, and figure out that it is not about you.

Everybody will not like your music. You have to live with that reality. Accept the reality and move one. Do not take rejection personal. Do not think, “this person rejected me. They don’t like me.” Instead focus on how you can bounce back from the rejection.

See, it doesn’t have to affect you, you already know that you are the real deal. They haven’t figured out this yet. You don’t have to feel negative about it, just realize that even if that person doesn’t like you, you are still going to be ok, and you are just as talented and smart as before the rejection.

And by proving that you can deal with rejection and it doesn’t affect you, it brings you a lot of power and people will respect you more, when they see that nothing negative gets to you.

Rejection does not define your identity

When people get rejected they often do the opposite that what I described above. Instead of realizing that it’s not their problem, they tend to focus on negative things.

Artists start engaging in negative self-talk. They may think that they are failures and nobody appreciates what they do.

Now this is nothing to laugh about. The mind is truly the devil’s workshop. Negative thinking can have a big impact on your psyche. It can have an impact on how you carry yourself. The key is not accepting failure or rejection.

Stop letting rejection define your identity and realize that it’s NOT ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON.

Eliminate rejection by learning from it.

We all heard the phrase “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” Well this quote applies perfectly to what we are talking about.

This tip serves as a solution to help you eliminate rejection from your system. Do not let rejection become a part of your personality. When it happens just stop, look at the situation from an objective way and look at why the person rejected you, try to figure it out. After reflection occurs you may find that you may need to work on some things or eliminate things that are not working.

Rejection is the best teacher. Be thankful that the rejection brought your flaws to light and realize the lesson you’ve learned is always a bargain. It’s always a bargain, no matter what. You got your lesson and now you are better, rejection this way is actually a positive thing.

I hope this article empowers you to develop a different perspective on how to deal with this issue and I’m look forward to reading your comments on this subject as well.

This is a guest blog written by Hip Hop Crash Beats: For more information about this topic and for industry quality instrumentals please visit www.hiphopcrashbeats.com.

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Twitter Chat 1 - The Benefits of Using SoundCloud

Tonight's Twitter Chat focused on the benefits of using SoundCloud. Every Tuesday at 8 pm EST you can just myself and various others on Twitter as we interact about rap music. Today I decided to focus on SoundCloud because a lot of artists utilize the platform.

I compiled some of my favorite tweets and added some music to archive this discussion. You can check out the discussion below.

+ What is a Twitter Tweet Chat?

5 Tips To Utilizing Social Media for Independent Artists

5 Tips on How to Use Social Media in the Independent Music Industry Space:

1. Content is King:

What kind of content that is will vary from artist to artist depending on what it is they like to do or what inspires them. If it’s video content, set up a YouTube channel and start posting lyric videos, official music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, Vlogs, tour diaries, etc. Make sure the content is stimulating and consistent.

2. Sync Social Media Platforms:

Make sure to post this content on all of your other platforms as well so your Facebook fans know what’s happening on your YouTube channel.

3. Engage Fans:

Be sure to involve your fans, engage with them, and listen to what they have to say. It’s important to also include links to your platforms on all of your profiles to encourage fans to subscribe and engage - this could be very helpful for planning your next piece of content!

4. Freebies and Facebook:

A fan-gated app that requires a “like” in exchange for a free download is a great way to generate traffic on Facebook, which is great to run in conjunction with promoted posts. Promoted posts are a low-cost and effective way to target your audience and fans of your audience which will lead to increased likes, engagement and sharing. Giving away your music for free is a very effective tactic to encourage discovery, however, you should also have a product available for sale, even if it’s what you’re also offering for free. People will buy it if they can find it

5. Take advantage of your own numbers:

We also advise taking advantage of your own numbers. If you have 15k Facebook fans but only 800 people on your mailing list, that’s a problem, and you should do everything you can to get those fans on your mailing list.

This post was provided by TuneCore, the largest music distributor and one of the highest artist revenue-generating music catalogs in the world.

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