Flame'in It Up with *New* Female Emcee Kfire!

Interview by ~Mike Gaits~

Mike Gaits.: Who is Kfire? As a Christian Hip-Hop Female artist is it hard to gain exposure?
Kfire Kemara.: Kfire is a person that doesn’t just want to tell my own story but I hope to relate to other people’s story. The goal is to inspire people. I’m just a person that’s using God gifts to bring hope to the humanity. Gaining exposure, yes it’s hard but the one thing that makes it hard is that people try to get you to compromise and be what they want you to be. I feel that just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you have to be a sex symbol. Ultimately as a female rapper I feel that you have to work harder to earn the respect of others, also especially as a woman when you’re not fitting a certain image; I’m trying to kill those stereotypes. We don’t have to be flawless & we don’t have to be sex symbols.

Mike Gaits.: Are you currently working on any new music? What’s your IPod playlist looking like?

Kfire Kemara.: Right now I’m more focused on getting booked for some shows in Detroit & promoting my latest project. “Hope is All I Got mixtape” but I will start working on my first album soon. My playlist right now I’m listening to Kendrick’s new album, Rapsody’s new album & Sean C. Johnson Ep, those are just a few of the artist I’m bumping to right now.

Mike Gaits.: Movement is always good to hear, and building new connects. On your mixtape, “Hope is All I Got” Track No. 1 – My Hope Intro was very intriguing, this definitely caught my attention. What was the message behind this?                     
Kfire Kemara.: The goal was to try my best to give the people an idea of the whole mixtape in a few bars. I really wanted the people to understand who I am as a person & artist. In the mixtape I’m going to talk about the struggle, and the negativity around us, equally giving the people solutions to stay the course and follow their dreams. “Don’t go through it, grow through it.” There’s a lot of artist out here, but what separates me from them is, I’m going to talk about real life issues and struggle from a new perspective.

Mike Gaits.: Where do you find your inspiration? When do you find the time to record your music? How can you see positive through corruption in this world we live in?

Kfire Kemara.: I’m inspired by my family. I come from a family that focuses on working hard and trusting in God even when we didn’t have much. I learned to be appreciative by talking to people who have beat the odds who followed their hearts to go on and do great things. That is what inspires me to be grateful for the talents that God has presented me with. When I’m not working or doing school work, I’m recording. Now and days it’s hard, but you got to manage your time wisely. Especially when all you see are the world negatives making it hard to see anything that’s good. Objectively that’s really what faith is all about when you have Christ you know that in the end you have something that’s going to last for forever. Pain is only temporary keeping the end in focus and appreciating the good people and the good things you do have. Living with the right mentality and making good decisions will elevate you higher to the one above.

Mike Gaits.: Very logically said. Can you give the fans some gems to keep them inspired.

Mike Gaits.: Dope! Anything you would like to say to empower a younger crowd who are seeking change in a positive way?

Kfire Kemara.: Surround yourself with like-minded people and cut off distractions stay focused on your goals and trust in God.

To listen to more of Kfire’s music:
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Get Up(On My Level) song link: https://soundcloud.com/kfiremusic/get-up-on-my-level 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kfiremusic

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