04 September 2014

The Hip-Hop Blog Tracking Sheet

I wanted to put together a simple resource for those that handle blog submissions. Finding out what sites post your content is vital to your success as an artist.

There are tons of hip-hop blogs available for artists that crave blog coverage. It seems like a new blog pops up every week.

The process of submitting music to these outlets is very stressful. I have spent hours upon hours searching for email addresses.

I know how it feels to email people and not get a response but I also know how it feels to receive an email with a post link.

The simple Excel tracking sheet includes the Post Day, the Name of the Blog and the Posted Link. You can access the Excel file by clicking the Download Now image below. Enjoy.

If you find this resource to be helpful, please share it. Knowledge reigns supreme here. The goal is to make your job easier not stress you out.