28 August 2014

Box of Wolves Interview: Instrumental Music That Speaks to the Masses

Music is strong and very emotional. Sometimes in life you will come across a creative being that is truly blessed. Box of Wolves is a talented graphic designer, UIX designer and musician that resides in Canada. This productive beatsmith yearns to create music that encompasses his mood. The transferable magic that he creates resonates with his growing audience. Check out the interview with the prolific genius below.

First and foremost, where did your name, Box of Wolves, come from?

Actually, it was username/moniker I went with when I first created by Soundcloud account back in 2011. It was meant to to an alias for uploading monthly mixes for my music blog (thevenomblog.com). Soon after I started uploading my original work and decided to stick with the moniker.

So doing my research I notice that your music is classified as Chillwave, Synthwave, Nu Disco. Would you mind sharing your influences with the masses?

Well first and foremost, I really love music and I'm into everything except country. When I listen to a song or an artist and I really like what I hear, that's all that matters to me. Listening to music in a more critical perspective is how I determine this. Songwriting, style, elements used, rhythm, you know, all that stuff. But when I work on my own music I like to give off a feel good/nostalgic vibe most of the time. I'm a 90s kid and I've always had a weakness for summer beachside or poolside music (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - "Summertime", or even Queen Latifah - "Weekend Love"). Now while that nostalgic feel is what I visualize, but in terms of style I'm very influenced by artists like Washed Out, Goldroom.

I really like the Goldroom - "Till Sunrise" premix that you did. What inspired you to remix the track?

Thanks! Goldroom released the vocal stems of the track 2 weeks before the actual song was released to see what people can come up with without hearing the original hence the "Premix". I really loved the vocals and I thought I could definitely do something with it as if it were my own track and based on the lyrics I knew the song was meant to have a summer sunset vibe. So that is what I did. I constructed my elements around the vocals like I normally do with my own songs so it doesn't feel like just another remix, but a song of it's own. There's no rule that says a remix has to be dance or super altered to be different from the original.

You are a creative being that also excels at graphic design. I notice that you use Fiverr as well. Describe the joy associated with creating artwork for customers?

It's quite amazing really. Doing that gig thought a lot of thing about myself. The way I view myself creatively and managing my time between working full-time as a software designer, doing music, fiverr and my personal life. I didn't think I'd be able to handle it all without being stressed or running out of ideas or creative juice, but I did. As of yesterday, I have completed 801 covers on fiverr. I think that's quite an achievement for something only meant to be a hobby. I get more experienced with every cover I design, both in skill or creativity. It's also given me the opportunity to work with some really great up and comers.

Music is a powerful medium that has a huge impact on one's mood. A lot of your work is instrumental and void of vocals. How do you speak through your music?

And that's what I'm trying to achieve. Being able to put the listener in that nostalgic state with my music. Sometimes you can achieve that with the composition of your sound. It does not have to be complex or over produced. I'm more visual with my music. That being said, my 2 most recent official single have vocals but that's because they work with what I have composed, not because I have to in order to get a complete track out. To me, mood and visuals and vibe is everything.