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T3 - 3ILLER EP Sampler

Below I have included the sampler for T3's latest EP called 3ILLER. All of the production for this project is handled by Young RJ. The EP will be a digital only release that will drop July 5, 2011 via Neastra Music Group. Shoutout to BackPack Boogie for sending this through.

T3 "3ILLA" EP Sampler by BackPackBoogie

T3 - Give Me A Beat (Retro Infomercial)

Here is a retro infomercial from T3 of Slum Village fame called "Give Me A Beat." I like this infomercial because it highlights T3's personality and ability to have fun. Too many emcees or artists for that matter always want to project toughness or machismo when in reality life is much more than that.

Young RJ feat. T3, Kameron Corvet - Whats Going On

BackPackBoggie hit me with the latest single from Young RJ's mixtape Seventh Son called "Whats Going On," the single features T3 and Kameron Corvet. Seventh Son is the latest mixtape from Detroit based producer/emcee Young RJ. You can download the mixtape HERE.

"Whats going on" Young RJ feat T3 & Kameron Corvet by BackPackBoogie

FREE Download: Young RJ x Vice Verse - Seventh Son

New mixtape project from Young RJ and Vice Verse called Seventh Son. Yesterday I posted the EPK where Young RJ and Vice Verse spoke about the inspiration behind the project and today I have the pleasure of presenting the mixtape to the masses. The mixtape, which is hosted by Dj Scrap Dirty, Dj Supa and Violator Radio, showcases Young RJ's rhyming ability and Vice Verse's pinpoint lyricism. All of the tracks are produced by Young RJ (known for his collaborations with Slum Village, Baatin, J. Dilla, 50 Cent and more). You can download the project HERE.

Young RJ x Vice Verse discuss Seventh Son

Young RJ and Vice Verse discuss the concept behind their upcoming project Seventh Son which will be presented by the Violator Djs. The duo discuss the concepts of some of the songs such as "No Plan B," "We Got This" and other tracks. You can download the project tomorrow HERE.

Young RJ feat. Vice Verse - ColdWorld

Another banger from Young RJ aka Seventh Son and Vice Verse called "ColdWorld." This is the second single from Young RJ's upcoming mixtape that will be available on May 24th. Enjoy the merger between Chicago and Detriot.


T3 - 3iLLA (prod. by Young RJ)

This heatrock was sent to me by BackPackBoogie and it features T3 of Slum Village destroying a beat by Young RJ. I believe this is a leak from T3's upcoming project The Night Gallery. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Young RJ feat. Vice Verse - Shine

This is an awesome track that was sent to my inbox by Backpack Boogie. The track features Detroit beat maker Young RJ on the rhyme tip. On this track he is teamed up with Vice Verse, who delivers an awesome first verse. I believe that this track is off of Young RJ's upcoming Violator Djs project.



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